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TO:                Bob Damrau
                     Senate Clerk

FROM:           Mark E. Roszkowski, Chair
                     Conference on Conduct Governance

DATE:            August 29, 2006

RE:                CG.06.01, Annual Report

Following is a summary of CCG’s work for 2005-2006.  All changes were reviewed and approved by the Chancellor and Bill Riley in Spring 2006 and now are incorporated into the 2006-2007 version of the Student Code.

CG 04.02       We concur in your suggested changes to § 1-309 (Possession and Storage of Weapons) stated in William Riley’s August 7, 2005 memorandum.  We view the rule as now final, and request that the term “Interim” be removed from the title.

CG 05.01       CCG generated technical amendment to resolve inconsistency between §§ 3-311(a) and 3-311(d)(1).

CG 05.02       Technical revisions to § 3-107 (Procedure for Review of Alleged Capricious Grading) to address issues raised by former CCG member Bill Williamson and former student Matt Stensland.

CG 05.03       Proposal by Senate Committee on Educational Policy (EP 06.08) to authorize the use of 700-level numbers in the professional curricula.  Approved by the Senate, October 24, 2005.

CG 05.04       Amendments submitted by Brad Hedrick, Director of Disability Resources and Educational Services, in response to our request to review § 1-110.  These were reviewed and approved by Pamela Pirtle of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.

CG 05.05       CCG generated proposal to add new subsection 1-301(e) to explain and reference procedures used in disciplinary proceedings.

CG 05.06       Technical amendments to various sections of Article 3 requested by CCG member and Interim Registrar Carol Malmgren to conform rules to current policy.

CG 05.07       In Fall 2005, the Chair appointed a subcommittee of CCG student members to review the rules in Article 1, Part 1, of the Code.  Their primary recommendation was to amend §1-102(d) to state more clearly the procedures for making up missed course work while excluded from class under the second sentence of §1-102(d).  CG 05.07 implements this recommendation.

CG 05.08       Proposal by Senate Committee on Educational Policy (EP 04.40) to revise §§ 3-310, 3-704, and 3-801.  Approved by the Senate, February 20, 2006.

CG 05.09       CCG generated proposal to consolidate grievance procedures for violations of the religious practices and sexual harassment policies into the sections that create the policies (§§ 1-107, 1-109) developed in consultation with Pamela Pirtle of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.