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Committee Membership (AY 2017-18)

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For information on committee membership, go to the Senate Bylaws, Part D Standing Committees, number 8.

Academic Year 2017-18 Committee Membership

Voting Members
Name (Affiliation)
Committee Term
Subcommittee Assignment
Gay Miller (VMED) 2019 Committee Chair
Rahim Benekohal (ENGR) 2018 B, E
Cynthia Buckley (LAS) 2019 A
Andrianna Kurzenberger (Grad Student) 2018 A
Wen-Hao David Huang (EDUC) 2019 C, E
Randy McCarthy (LAS, Mathematics) 2018 A
Eric Meyer (MDA, Journalism) 2018 B
Steve Michael (BUS, Business Administration) 2018 C, E
Theopolies Moton (Student, GRAD) 2018 B
Rahul Raju (Student, ENGR) 2018 C, E
Faculty Vacancy 2019 B
Ann Reisner (MDA) 2018 C
Linda Moorhouse (FAA) 2018 B
Nolan Miller (BUS) 2019 A
Kathryn LaBarre (SIS) 2019 C
Samantha Frost (LAS) 2018 A
Amanda Yuile (Student, GRAD) 2018 A
Phoebe Handler (Student) 2018 B

Ex-Officio (Non-Voting) Members
Name (Affiliation)
Linda Robbennolt (Council of Undergraduate Deans Representative) C, E
Brenda Clevenger (Executive Director of the Council on Teacher Education's designee)  
John Hart (Dean of the Graduate College's designee)  
Dan Mann (Associate Provost for Enrollment Management's designee)  
Kathy Martensen (Provost's designee)  
Michel Bellini (Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning; CITL's designee)  

2016-2017 EPC Membership

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