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April 24, 2006


Committee on Faculty Benefits
FB.06.01 Annual Report for 2005-06
(Final -Information )

Committee Charge

The Senate Committee on Faculty Benefits (FB) shall investigate and regularly report to the Senate on the adequacy and other attributes of the University’s provisions for salaries, retirement benefits, sabbatical leaves, hospitalization and medical insurance, life insurance, other insurance, investment and savings plans, travel reimbursement, housing benefits, educational benefits, recreational benefits, and other perquisites, benefits and conditions of faculty employment.
This past year, FB took up a variety of issues including campus parking, mental health services, self insurance, and re-employment of retirees. A Resolution on Parking Policies (FB.05.01) was filed with the Senate and approved at the March 27, 2006 Senate meeting.

Items that are under continuing consideration:
Overall Parking Policies
Re-Employment of Retirees
Self Insurance for Healthcare and Input into Benefits Selection by Central Management Services (CMS)
Safeguarding the Interests of Employees and Retirees (and their Beneficiaries) in Various Retirement Accounts from the State of Illinois/University of Illinois

Items that are being monitored by the committee:
FB.99.01 Voluntary Tax Sheltered Matching Contribution Plan
FB.01.04 Dental Plan
FB.04.02 Resolution on Unused Sick Leave

Faculty Benefits
Barclay Jones, Chair
Jenny Barrett
Norm Denzin
Joseph Goldberg
Harry Hilton
Jonathan Keeble
Michelle Morganosky
Kenneth Andersen, Ex officio
James Davito, Ex officio
Michael Grossman, Ex officio
Terry Jobin, Observer
Mary Ellen O’Shaughnessey, Ex officio
Judy Rathgeber, Ex officio (designee)