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April 24, 2006


Committee on General University Policy

GP.06.04 Annual Report for 2005-2006

The Senate General University Policy Committee (GUP) is responsible for studying, reporting and making recommendations to the Senate concerning general University policy in broad terms. The following report summarizes the activities of GUP during the 2005-2006 academic year. GUP met seven times (September 14, October 12, November 9, December 14, February 8, March 15, and April 12).

Items that are under continuing consideration:

GP.03.06 Review of University Administrative Structure
GUP’s concerns with respect to the University Administrative Structure last year focused upon certain changes and problems with respect to the Vice President for Technology and Economic Development. Its concern this year has shifted to the position of Vice President for Academic Affairs, which the President is considering eliminating. This possibility came to light only late in the academic year, and so consideration of that matter has just begun. GUP intends to pursue the matter as best it can in the time remaining this year, and to take it up again in the fall if the President has not already decided the matter by then.

GP.05.02 Campus Master Plan
GUP met with Vice President for Administration Steve Rugg and several other members of the University administration (Lyle Wachtel, Associate Vice President for Facilities, Planning and Programs; Jack Dempsey, Executive Director of Facilities and Services; and Mark Engler) for an overview and discussion of the Campus Master Plan. The meeting was informative and useful, opening lines of communication in both directions. It is GUP’s intention to have such meetings annually.

GP.06.01 Reporting of Fraudulent Activities
At the request of the University Senates Conference, GUP developed a draft proposal to resolve certain inconsistencies in University documents relating to what should and should not be considered “fraudulent activities” on the part of university employees. That proposal has been transmitted to Senates Conference, which is pursuing the matter with the University Administration. No further action on the matter at the campus level would appear to be appropriate at this time.

GP.06.02 Strategic Plan
Considerable attention has been given to the various drafts of the Campus Strategic Plan that have been put forward by the Chancellor’s office in the course of the year. Draft responses to several of them have been prepared and discussed, and shared with the Senate Executive Committee and Chancellor. The matter remains under consideration, and will be the topic of a Committee of the Whole discussion at the April 24 meeting of the Senate, to be led by GUP Chair Schacht, at the request of the Executive Committee.

GP.06.03 Research Board
Consideration of this item has been deferred, pending further indications that attention to it is warranted.

Items that are being monitored by the committee:
GP.01.01 UI-Integrate (UI 2)
UI-Integrate no longer exists; but the question remains whether it would be desirable to have a committee with significant faculty representation that would play an oversight and advisory role comparable to the University-level Faculty Advisory Committee that existed while UI-Integrate did. GUP intends to revisit this question next year, after a year’s experience without such a committee.

GP.02.01 UIUCnet Funding Plan
Consideration of this item has been deferred, pending further developments.

GP.05.01 University Administration Academic Professionals
A proposed amendment to the Statutes that would make provision for the coverage of academic professionals who work in the University Administration under the policies pertaining to academic professionals prevailing on the specific campus on which they work is now wending its way toward the Board of Trustees. If the attempt to make such an amendment to the Statutes is not successful, GUP will revisit the possibility of attempting to get a provision to this effect into the General Rules.

General University Policy
Richard Schacht, Chair
Kern Alexander
Clifton Brown
Alyson Kirkpatrick
Joan Klein
Carol Livingstone
Joseph Manfredo
Grant Ullrich
Ruth Watkins, Ex officio