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Committee on Information Technology

IT.03.02 Annual Report for 2002-03

(Final; Information)

The Senate Committee on Information Technology (IT) is responsible for identifying and considering problems, needs, and concerns pertaining to campus IT issues and recommending desirable changes in campus policy; examining trends in IT here and in higher education generally and recommending appropriate changes in campus policy; and serving in a broad advisory capacity to the Campus Chief Information Officer and the University Associate Vice President for Administrative Information Technology Services. The IT committee met nine times during the 2002-2003 academic year.

At the request of the Senate Executive Committee, the IT committee discovered and reported certain facts concerning the impact of UI-Integrate (Banner) on the information technology infrastructure of the University. For example, the UI2 project was initially funded to provide $30,442,289 for campus backbone network improvements, better inter-campus connectivity and upgraded intra-building cabling. Due to budget pressures, the intra-building cabling funding was eliminated. This resulted in a reduction of $11,050,000, of which $5,000,000 would have gone to the UIUC campus. The total funds available for network improvement across the three campuses now stands at $19,392,289.

The IT committee and its subcommittee (consisting of three members representing the CIOs office, the systems administrators, and the faculty) worked through several revisions of IT.03.01, Interim Information Security Policy. In its original form submitted to the IT committee for discussion there were a number of ambiguities and some proposed policies were not clearly consistent with academic freedom and efficient operation. These were addressed to the satisfaction of IT and will be presented to the Senate.A number of additional issues were considered including: Peer-to-Peer File SharingNetwork Bandwidth Limitation and ConflictsComputer Access Requirements by DepartmentsStudent Websites with Faculty Evaluations

George Francis, Chair
Abbas Aminmansour
Kendall Chuang
Vilas Dhar
John Lawler
Dick Mintel
Randall S. Ott
Beth Sandore
Sharon Tettegah
Chuck Thompson
Albert Valocchi
Rich Mendola, Ex officio
Peter Siegel, Ex officio