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April 25, 2005

Committee on Information Technology

IT.05.01 Annual Report for 2004-05

(Final; Information)

The Senate Committee on Information Technology (IT) is responsible for identifying and considering problems, needs, and concerns pertaining to campus IT issues and recommending desirable changes in campus policy; examining trends in IT here and in higher education generally and recommending appropriate changes in campus policy; and serving in a broad advisory capacity to the Campus Chief Information Officer. Pursuant to its charge, IT will have met seven times this academic year.

Principal issues discussed have been security in various aspects of campus computing, implementation of an upgrade of the current campus network, budgetary planning for CITES for the coming year, and CITES programs in support of classroom education. IT has also made two resolutions: one concerning its membership and another supporting recurring support of classroom instructional technology.

Over the next year, IT plans to concern itself with security issues of a variety of kinds and funding issues as they involve information technology.

Tom Ward, Chair
Nicholas Carter
Randy deCelle
Timothy Ellsworth
Virginia France
Ruth King
Dick Mintel
Allan Niemerg
David Padua
Chuck Thompson
Peter Siegel, Ex officio