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April 25, 2005


Committee on University Student Life
(Final; Information)

SL.05.01 2004-05 Annual Report

The following report summarizes the activities of the Senate Committee on University Student Life (USL) during the 2004-2005 academic year. The Committee met seven times to date (September 14, October 19, November 16, December 7, February 24, and March 31) and has one additional meeting scheduled on April 28. One of USLs primary functions is to serve as a liaison between students and the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs. Another is to raise, discuss, and act on issues of particular concern to student life.

Throughout the year, Vice-Chancellor Askew brought information to USL on new programs and student affairs issues, among them, the Student Affairs Annual Report, crime prevention, identity theft, and the Illinois Promise program. Dean Riley brought additional reports on celebratory violence committee proceedings and planning.

A number of issues have been raised and addressed during the year through invited presentations, site visits, and discussion. USL discussion has provided some useful suggestions and has resulted in ideas for action. The main items USL focused on this year were the following:

Continued Budget Cuts to the Student Affairs Office
Banner Adoption and Affects on Student Loan Processing
Development of the Intersections Living and Learning Community
Campus Safety Pedestrians and Crosswalks
Future of Campus Technology (Compass)
Identity Theft Issues
Illinites Illini Union Board Late-Night Planning Initiative
Changes in Freshman Orientation University 101
Celebratory Violence Associated with Athletic Success
Campus Recreation Center East (CRCE) Completion

USL urges that student input be solicited through as many Senate committees as possible. The Committee especially urges that USL be included in all Senate deliberations in which university student life is or may be affected. This will be particularly important as campus leaders consider allocation of future budgets.

William Simmons, Chair
Alison Benefico
Donald Carlson
Kris Davis
Mike Hubbard
Rania Huntington
Sarah McDougal
Robert Skirvin
Paula Urtubey-Fish
Kalycia Watson
Patricia Askew, ex officio
Bill Riley, ex officio