University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Senate

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Organizational Meeting
2000-2001 Urbana-Champaign Senate
April 17, 2000, 3:10 p.m.
Foellinger Auditorium

I. Senate Council Report - Robert Rich, Chair

II. Chancellor's Remarks

III. Reports for Information

Report of the Senate Clerk for the Election of Senate Council Chair and Vice-Chair
and for Members of the Committee on Committees

Senate Council, SC.01.01

Faculty and Student Electorate and Senator Distribution

University Statutes and Senate Procedures (R. Fossum, Chair), SP.01.01

IV. Proposals for Action

Note: Voting for SC.01.02 will not take place until the Presiding Officer announces the results of CC.01.01. If the USC representative to Senate Council is not elected by majority vote on the first ballot, a run-off election will be held immediately. All senators are asked to remain in the auditorium until the results of both elections have been announced.

2000-2001 Urbana-Champaign Senate Membership

University Statutes and Senate Procedures, SP.01.02

Nominations for Membership on the University Senates Conference (USC)

Committee on Committees (T. F. Conry, Chair), CC.01.01

Nominations for Membership on Standing Committees of the Senate and the Military Education Council

Committee on Committees, CC.01.02

Election of One Member of the Urbana Delegation to the USC to Serve on Senate Council (ballot to be distributed)
Senate Council, SC.01.02

V. Adjournment * * * * * * *
Please step to the microphone and identify yourself
when addressing the Senate.