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May 1, 2000, Reconvened Senate Agenda AGENDA Reconvened Urbana-Champaign Senate Meeting May 1, 2000; 3:10 p.m. Foellinger Auditorium II.Senate Council ReportóRobert Rich, ChairVII.Proposals for Action
Resolution on Child Care

Equal Opportunity (H. Von Gunden, Chair) EQ.97.02
Resolution on Faculty Salary and Benefits

Budget (J. G. Ward, Chair) BG.00.03 VIII.Revisions to the Code from the Conference on Conduct Governance
Revisions to Rule 62, Access to Student Records

Conference on Conduct Governance (CCG) (N. Burbules, Chair) CG.00.08
Proposed New Rule 8.5 on Mandatory Assessment and Revisions to Rules 16/17

CCG CG.00.02
Revisions to Rule 33, Academic Misconduct

CCG CG.00.04
Revisions to Rule 34, Attendance

CCG CG.00.06
Revisions to Rule 22, Political Canvassing

CCG CG.00.07 IX.Reports for Information of the Senate
Update on the Academics of Student Athletes at the University of Illinois

Athletic Board AB.00.02 fac/ibhe
February 25

T. Weech HE.00.06 usc
March 27

G. Belford UC.00.06
System of Periodic Faculty Review

SS.00.01 X.Senate Committee Annual Reports SC.00.13 Senate Council AC.00.04 AF.00.02 Academic Calendar Academic Freedom and Tenure BG.00.04 Budget CC.00.09 Committee on Committees CG.00.09 Conference on Conduct Governance PS.00.01 Continuing Education and Public Service EP.00.24 Educational Policy EQ.00.02 Equal Opportunity FB.00.01 Faculty Benefits GP.00.06 General University Policy HD.00.02 Honorary Degrees LB.00.03 Library SL.00.01 University Student Life SP.00.11 University Statutes and Senate Procedures XI.New Business XII.Executive Session Nominations for Honorary Degrees Honorary Degrees (W. D. Seitz, Chair) HD.00.03 XIII.Adjournment