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May 1, 2000

A reconvened meeting of the Urbana-Champaign Senate was called to order at 3:10 p.m., in Foellinger Auditorium, with Charles Colbert, Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Human Resources, presiding in the absence of Chancellor Michael Aiken.

Senator Robert Rich (LAW), Chair of Senate Council, announced that floor privileges were approved for the following individuals, to speak to:

- EQ.97.02, Resolution on Child Care, Associate Provost Kathleen Pecknold,

- CG.00.07, Revisions to the Code, Rule 22, Political Canvassing in Campus Housing - Ervin Cox, Assistant Director of Housing

Rich moved that any items for action not voted on today be considered under Old Business at the September 18, 2000, Senate meeting. There was no objection.

Rich announced that the following senators have agreed to serve as tellers: Steve Seitz (LAS), Robert Fossum (LAS), Harry Hilton (ENGR), and Priscilla Yu (LIBR).

05/01/00-01 Vice-Chancellor Colbert presented for action EQ.97.02*, Resolution on Child Care. Senator Heidi Von Gunden (FAA), Chair of the Equal Opportunity Committee, appreciated the doubling of slots at the Child Development Laboratory (CDL) as a result of the recent "baby-in" held at Swanlund Administration Building. She noted that the current CDL accepts no children under 2 years of age, but that the "new" CDL will serve up to 48 each infants and toddlers. However, UIUC still lags far behind our sister campuses in the number of child care slots in proportion to the number of employees.

Von Gunden recapitulated the 50-year (since 1946) chronology of the child care issue at UIUC and summarized a number of proposals for child care centers at UIUC that have been discussed over the last 30 years. Von Gunden moved approval of EQ.97.02.

Senator Emily Watts (LAS) referred to the (Illinois) State Agency Employees Child Care Services Act (paragraph 3004: Demonstration of need-Agency Responsibility-Contract-Groups of agencies) and asked if a proof of need has ever been submitted to the Department of Central Management Services (DCMS) as required under this paragraph, as interpreted by a member of campus legal counsel. Associate Provost Kathleen Pecknold responded that the campus administration has a different interpretation of the paragraph than legal counsel.

Senator Richard Schacht (LAS) expressed concern that the word "demand" appears in the resolution and suggested something less combative, such as "urge", i.e., "…the Faculty/Student Senate urge the Campus Administration…". Senator Joan Klein moved to substitute the following language in lieu of Schacht's motion: "…the UIUC Senate insists upon the necessity that the Campus Administration establish a child care center…". Senator Bill Maher (LIBR) endorsed Klein's language, citing its balance between appropriateness and forcefulness. By show of hands (36-27), Klein's amendment was approved.

05/01/00-02 By voice vote, EQ.97.02 was approved, as amended.

05/01/00-03 The Presiding Officer presented for action BG.00.03*, Resolution on Faculty Salary and Benefits. Senator James G. Ward (EDUC), Budget Committee Chair, referred to an article in the most recent edition of The Economist, which included UIUC Professor King Alexander's elaboration of the public v. private faculty salary disparity. Ward maintained this is an issue about which the administration is aware, but it is important to keep it in front of them.

Senator Esther Portnoy (LAS) moved to add the following just before Therefore: "Whereas, in a [FY01] budget described by the University President as 'among the best this institution has ever received' the allocation for general salary increases is only 3%;". Senator Ward accepted this as a "friendly" amendment on behalf of his committee.

Senator Vernon Burton (LAS) moved to add the following at the end of the resolution: "Be it further resolved that benefits currently extended to married partners of University employees be extended to same or opposite sex domestic partners (as advocated by the UIUC Senate in resolution EQ.96.03 from September 30, 1996)". Senator Schacht spoke in favor of the sentiment of the amendment, but he thought it did not belong within the framework of this resolution. He added that USC is still working with the University administration on the original proposal, which rendered this amendment unnecessary.

By show of hands, the amendment was defeated.

Senator Thomas Berfield (ENGR) asked why, in this resolution, student assistance programs were singled out for re-examination by the State of Illinois. Ward replied that private institutions have no limit on tuition increases, while public universities do. As private institutions increase their tuition, their level of student assistance rises accordingly. We are asking the State to create as level a playing field as possible for the recruitment of students.

05/01/00-04 By voice vote, BG.00.03 was approved, as amended.

05/01/00-05 The Vice-Chancellor presented for information/discussion CG.00.08*, Revisions to the Code of Policies and Regulations Applying to all Students, Rule 62, Access to Student Records. Conference on Conduct Governance (CCG) Chair Nicholas Burbules explained that proposed changes to the Code are approved by the Chancellor, but that the Senate may submit its recommendations to him. He asked the Senate to endorse CG.00.08 for submittal to the Chancellor.

05/01/00-06 By voice vote, CG.00.08 was endorsed.

05/01/00-07 Vice-Chancellor Colbert presented for information/discussion CG.00.02*, Revisions to the Code, Proposed New Rule 8.5, Mandatory Assessment and Revisions to Rules 16 and 17. There were no questions or comments.

05/01/00-08 By voice vote, CG.00.02 was endorsed.

05/01/00-09 The Presiding Officer presented for information/discussion CG.00.04*, Revisions to the Code, Rule 33, Academic Misconduct. There was no discussion.

05/01/00-10 By voice vote, CG.00.04 was endorsed.

05/01/00-11 The Vice-Chancellor presented for information/discussion CG.00.06*, Revisions to the Code, Rule 34, Attendance. There were no questions or comments.

05/01/00-12 By voice vote, CG.00.06 was endorsed.

05/01/00-13 Vice-Chancellor Colbert presented for information/discussion CG.00.07*, Revisions to the Code, Rule 22, Political Canvassing in Campus Housing. Senator Loeb found these provisions disturbing and bordering on regulation of free speech. Burbules replied that registered political canvassers can set up a table in a public area of registered student housing to distribute their material to students; they just cannot go door-to-door in the residence halls.

Senator Kagan thought the categories of what constituted "Political Canvassing" were too restrictive and recommended dropping any attempt to define it. He also objected to the prohibition of "stuffing" student mailboxes with political literature. Burbules acknowledged that CCG may need to further refine this revision.

05/01/00-14 By voice vote, CG.00.07 was referred back to CCG for further study.

Vice-Chancellor Colbert presented for following reports for information:

05/01/00-15 AB.00.02*, Update on the Academics of Student Athletes at UIUC
05/01/00-16 HE.00.06*, Report of the FAC/IBHE Meeting, February 25, 2000, T. Weech
05/01/00-17 UC.00.06*, Report of the USC Meeting, March 27, 2000, G. Belford
05/01/00-18 SS.00.01*, System of Periodic Faculty Review

Senator Tom Anderson (EDUC) asked why graduation rates of student athletes were not included in the data from AB.00.02. Professor Matthew Wheeler, Athletic Board Chair, replied that the most recent year for which they have that data is 1997. He offered to submit more current graduate rates to the Senate as they become available.

The Presiding Officer presented for following committee annual reports:

05/01/00-19 SC.00.13*, Senate Council
05/01/00-20 AC.00.04*, Academic Calendar
05/01/00-21 AF.00.02*, Academic Freedom and Tenure
05/01/00-22 BG.00.04*, Budget
05/01/00-23 CC.00.09*, Committee on Committees
05/01/00-24 CG.00.09*, Conference on Conduct Governance
05/01/00-25 PS.00.01*, Continuing Education and Public Service
05/01/00-26 EP.00.24*, Educational Policy
05/01/00-27 EQ.00.02*, Equal Opportunity
05/01/00-28 FB.00.01*, Faculty Benefits
05/01/00-29 GP.00.06*, General University Policy
05/01/00-30 HD.00.02*, Honorary Degrees
05/01/00-31 LB.00.03*, Library
05/01/00-32 SL.00.01*, University Student Life
05/01/00-33 SP.00.11*, University Statutes and Senate Procedures

The Senate convened into Executive Session for purposes of discussing honorary degree nominees.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

Robert C. Damrau, Senate Clerk
*Filed with the Senate Clerk and incorporated by reference in these Minutes.