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October 23, 2000

A regular meeting of the Urbana-Champaign Senate was called to order at 3:10 p.m., in Foellinger Auditorium, with Chancellor Michael Aiken presiding.

10/23/00-01 Minutes of the September 18 and September 25, 2000, Senate meetings were approved as written.

Senator Robert Rich (LAW), Chair of Senate Council, announced that floor privileges have been requested for the following individuals, and he moved (without objection) that such privileges be granted, to speak to: - EP.00.27, Revision of the Food Science Option in Food Science and Human Nutrition - Kris Campbell, Assistant to the Head for Academic Programs, Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition, and Wayne Banwart, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs, College of ACES.

Rich reminded all present to pick up at the door an addendum to CC.01.07. He then urged senators to work with their departmental colleagues to submit nominations for honorary degrees to the Senate Committee on Honorary Degrees and its Chair, Senator Wes Seitz (ACES). Additional information about the nomination process (including criteria used by the Committee) may be found at


Rich expected good work to come from the Chancellor Search Committee, citing the excellent qualifications of members of that group. We will be hearing more about their work as the year moves on. He also reminded senators to contact chairs and members of senate committees if they have issues or concerns that they believe one or more committees should be studying.

Rich announced that at the request of the University Statutes and Senate Procedures Committee (USSP), SP.00.08, Revisions to Statutes, Article V, Section 2, Graduate College, Campus Research Board; Article XII, Research and Publication, has been withdrawn from today's agenda. He then announced that the following senators have agreed to serve as tellers: Barclay Jones (ENGR), Gordon Baker (VMED), Anthony Hird (LAS), and Sara Piper (LAS).

Chancellor Aiken reported that an administrative committee on historical markers on campus has begun meeting, charged with developing recommendations for 20 new historical campus sites.

Senator Seitz asked how faculty might be involved in the work of the historical marker committee. Chancellor Aiken replied that this group would take their recommendations to deans and department heads for consultation and advice. Senator Stephen Kaufman (MED) asked if the campus mascot would be discussed with the candidates for chancellor. Senator Rich replied that while few candidates will not be aware of the mascot, there would be no litmus test on any issue.

The Chancellor announced that the eight (8) proposals under this moniker would be approved by unanimous consent unless there was a motion by a senator to move one or more of them to Proposals for Action.

Senator Steven P. Hill (LAS) requested that consideration of EP.01.01*, Proposal from the Council on Teacher Education (CTE) and the College of LAS to revise the undergraduate curriculum Preparatory to the Teaching of French, and EP.00.31*, Proposed Course and Curricula Revisions in the undergraduate major and minor in French, be moved from the Consent Agenda to Proposals for Action. Senator Bob Rich moved that EP.00.27*, Revision of the Food Science Option in Food Science and Human Nutrition, be moved in similar fashion.

Chancellor Aiken announced that the remaining five (5) proposals were approved by unanimous consent:
10/23/00-02 EP.00.18*, Proposal from Education to revise the undergraduate curriculum in Early Childhood Education,
10/23/00-03 EP.00.28*, Proposal from ACES to establish two new undergraduate minors, one in Food Science and the other in Nutrition,
10/23/00-04 EP.00.30*, Proposal from LAS to revise the Chemistry Teaching Option,
10/23/00-05 EP.01.02*, Proposal from LAS to change the name of the World Heritage Museum to the Spurlock Museum,
10/23/00-06 EP.01.03*, Proposal from the College of Education and CTE to terminate the undergraduate Teacher Education Minor in Adult and Continuing Education.

10/23/00-07 The Chancellor presented EP.01.01*, Proposal from the Council on Teacher Education (CTE) and the College of LAS to revise the undergraduate curriculum Preparatory to the Teaching of French. Senator Steven P. Hill asked if this proposal (and EP.00.31) had received unanimous support of the faculty in the Department of French. Senator Susan A. Lamb (ENGR), Chair of the Educational Policy Committee, replied that her committee had received no indication of any concern within the French Department over these proposals.

10/23/00-08 By voice vote, EP.01.01 was approved.

10/23/00-09 Chancellor Aiken presented for action EP.00.27*, Revision of the Food Science Option in Food Science and Human Nutrition. Senator Rich moved to amend the proposal to strike the references to the nine (9) hour requirement for humanities and social sciences. These references appear under Brief Description, and in the last paragraph under Justification. Dr. Wayne Banwart, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs, College of ACES, had no objection, pointing out that the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition is more concerned about meeting curricular standards as promulgated by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

Senator H. F. Williamson (CBA) asked why the 9 hour requirement was even mentioned since the campus has yet to adopt that standard. Banwart replied that ACES was trying to frame the proposal to meet the inevitable campus requirements. Senator H. George Friedman (ENGR) pointed out there are thousands of courses in the catalog that include a 6-hour requirement for humanities and social sciences; when the campus adopts the 9-hour requirement, those course descriptions will need to be changed, but not before.

Senator R. Linn Belford (LAS) agreed with Rich's motion to remove references to the humanities and social sciences requirements, but moved to add the following sentence under Brief Description: "Students must meet campus general education requirements." Belford's substitute amendment garnered significant support.

By show of hands, Belford's motion to substitute was approved.

By show of hands, a motion to incorporate Belford's amendment into EP.00.27 was approved.

10/23/00-10 By show of hands, EP.00.27 was approved, as amended.

10/23/00-11 The Chancellor presented for action EP.00.31*, Proposed Course and Curricula Revisions in the undergraduate major and minor in French. There was no discussion.

10/23/00-12 By show of hands, EP.00.31 was approved.

10/23/00-13 Chancellor Aiken presented CC.01.06*, Nominations for Membership on the University Senates Conference. There were no floor nominations and nominations were declared closed.

10/23/00-14 By voice vote, the nomination was approved.

10/23/00-15 The Chancellor presented CC.01.07*/CC.01.07A*, Nominations for Membership on Standing Committees of the Senate. Senator Wade Ackerman nominated Senator Daniel Schwarz (GRAD) for the student vacancy on the Senate Committee on University Student Life; Schwarz declared himself willing to serve. There were no further floor nominations and nominations were declared closed.

10/23/00-16 By voice vote, the committee nominations (sans those for the Student Life Committee) were approved. The Chancellor asked for a show of hands to determine the outcome of the vote between Jayson Gasper (nominated by the Committee on Committees) and Daniel Schwarz.

10/23/00-17 By show of hands, Schwarz was declared elected.

10/23/00-18 Chancellor Aiken presented for action SP.96.04*, Formation of a New Senate Committee on Information Technology, Bylaws, Part D.16. Senator Robert Fossum (LAS), Chair of the Statutes Committee, characterized this proposal as the culmination of a series of initiatives proposed by a number of bodies, beginning with the Fourth Senate Review Commission. The Statutes Committee believed that with the recent appointment of a Campus Information Officer (CIO), it was time for the Senate to be able to provide formal input into this important policy area. Fossum moved approval of the recommendation.

Senator Karen Chapman-Novakofski (ACES) wanted to know if the duties of this new committee would impact those of the current Senate Committee on Campus Operations. Fossum replied that there might be some overlap, but that it is already common practice for important issues to be considered by more than one Senate Committee.

10/23/00-19 By voice vote, SP.96.04 was approved.

The Chancellor presented the following items for information:

10/23/00-20 SC.01.07*, Report of the September 13-14 Board of Trustees Meeting,
10/23/00-21 HE.01.01*, Report of the September 8 FAC/IBHE Meeting,
10/23/00-22 HE.01.02*, Report of the October 3 FAC/IBHE Meeting,
10/23/00-23 UC.01.01*, Report of the September 29 University Senates Conference Meeting.

Speaking to UC.01.01, Senator Peter Loeb (LAS) asked about the status of ST-30 (Sanctions short of dismissal for faculty). Senator Fossum replied that the University Senates Conference (USC) Statutes Committee is working on compromise language to bring back to the senates. Fossum added that he was incorporating by reference in these minutes, a copy of a University Senates Conference (USC) document entitled
"Protocols for Relations of Senates Conference to Campus Senates"

, which describes in detail the legislative process involving USC and the campus senates.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

Robert C. Damrau, Senate Clerk
*Filed with the Senate Clerk and incorporated by reference in these Minutes.