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November 27, 2000

A regular meeting of the Urbana-Champaign Senate was called to order at 3:10 p.m., in Foellinger Auditorium, with Chancellor Michael Aiken presiding.

11/27/00-01 The minutes of the October 23, 2000, Senate meeting were approved as written.

Senator Robert Rich (LAW), Chair of Senate Council, announced that floor privileges have been requested for the following individuals, and he moved (without objection) that such privileges be granted, to speak to:

- EP.00.29, Proposal from the College of Fine and Applied Arts to Establish a New Undergraduate International Arts Minor: Dr. Edward Sullivan, Associate Dean in the College of Fine and Applied Arts,
- EP.00.26, Proposal for the Establishment of a Minor in Technology and Management in the Colleges of Engineering and Commerce and Business Administration: Professors George Monahan and Russ Jamison, co-sponsors of this proposal; Professor Tom Conry, Dept. of General Engineering,
- SP.01.05, Amendments to the Statutes, Article IX, Section 10 - Nonreappointment of Academic Professional Staff: Jenny Barrett, Senior Research Programmer, Dept. of Psychology.

Rich noted there are two items at the door today: 1) a memo to Senator Susan Lamb (ENGR), Educational Policy Chair, related to EP.00.26, and 2) a prefiled resolution from Senator Harry Hilton (ENGR); this item will be presented to the Senate under New Business if two-thirds of Senate members present and voting agree to add it to the agenda. Rich also apologized for the campus mail snafu which resulted in Senate packets not being delivered prior to the meeting.

He then reported that a contract has been let for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiative; a University-wide committee has been created to help oversee the migration of the campuses to the ERP systems.

Advertisements have now appeared in national publications for the position of Chancellor for the UIUC campus. The search committee hopes to begin interviewing semi-finalists in February, 2001, and bring the names of 4 to 6 unranked finalists to the President and Board in March or April.

Rich updated the Senate about the work of the Senate Council ad hoc committee which has been reviewing the report of the Fifth Senate Review Commission. This ad hoc group will discuss its recommendations at the December 11 Senate Council meeting, with an eye toward bringing action items to the Senate before the end of the spring semester.

Rich announced that the following senators have agreed to serve as tellers: Wes Seitz (ACES), Richard Cooke (ACES), Wade Ackerman (LAS), and Fran Marcucci (LAS).

Chancellor Aiken announced that some recent accomplishments of our faculty will be highlighted at a reception this evening. Among those to be recognized: Professor Carl Woese, who was named as 1 of 12 winners of the National Medal of Science by President Clinton, and 4 faculty who were elected to the National Academy of Engineering - Professors Tamer Basar, David Daniel, Richard DeVor, and Shung-Wu Lee.

The Chancellor reported that he and Earl Kellogg, Associate Provost for International Affairs, recently visited a few UI study abroad programs in Europe and other areas. He was pleased to report that the number of our students participating in such programs has grown from about 450 in 1993 to 1,210 this year; he hoped this trend would continue.

Senator Gordon Baker (VMED) asked about the status of holding Senate meetings in a different venue. Rich replied that the Senate will hold spring meetings in at least 2 other settings, after which senators will be polled on their preferences; Senate Council will then bring an action item on this matter to the Senate at the end of the semester.

Senator Emily Watts (LAS) wanted to know if there had been a response from Senate Council to Trustee Martha O'Malley's request for individual experiences on campus regarding the status of women. Rich said this issue will be on the agenda for the December 11 Senate Council meeting.

The Chancellor announced that, absent the objections of any senator, the two (2) proposals under this moniker were approved by unanimous consent.

11/27/00-02 EP.00.29*, Proposal from the College of Fine and Applied Arts to Establish a New Undergraduate International Arts Minor,

11/27/00-03 SC.01.09*, Deadline for Filing Nominations for the Faculty Advisory Committee.

11/27/00-04 The Chancellor presented EP.00.26*, Proposal for the Establishment of a Minor in Technology and Management in the College of Engineering and the College of Commerce and Business Administration. Senator Susan A. Lamb (ENGR), Chair of the Educational Policy Committee, described this as a new minor which crosses college lines; she welcomed any questions or comments.

Senator R. Linn Belford (LAS) noted that a student could enroll in this Minor only if s/he has the appropriate prerequisites; he asked if there was an official intent to limit enrollment.

Professor George Monahan, co-sponsor of the proposal, explained that the Technology and Management (T&M) program is in its 6th year of operation within the College of Commerce and Business Administration (CBA). It has been designed to be a special program for a special audience, which necessarily limits its enrollment. Professor Russ Jamison, the proposal's other co-sponsor, stated that while there is no intent to be exclusive, a student must be admitted to the T&M program before taking the Minor.

Senator Lamb said the vast majority of students outside CBA and the College of Engineering (ENGR) will be admitted to the Minor if they meet its requirements. She also cited EP.97.18, Guidelines for Campus-wide Undergraduate Minors, approved by the Senate on April 27, 1998, which states, in part, "Sponsoring degree-granting units have the right to restrict enrollment in the minor, if educationally necessary,…".

Senator Gregory Girolami (LAS) believed the pool of students eligible for this Minor should not be restricted. Senator H. George Friedman (ENGR) said if you expand the enrollment of the program, you change the program; he argued for the Senate to accept the proposal as it is written.

11/27/00-05 By voice vote, EP.00.26 was approved.

11/27/00-06 The Chancellor presented SP.96.03*, Formation of a New Senate Committee on Research Policy, Bylaws, Part D.18. Senator Robert Fossum (LAS), Chair of the Statutes Committee (USSP), explained that USSP has received a number of excellent suggestions for revisions to this proposal since it has been placed on this meeting's agenda. As a result, he moved for the Senate to recommend that this proposal be referred back to USSP with instructions to make revisions and return this proposal to the Senate for action at its February 12, 2001, meeting.

11/27/00-07 By voice vote, Fossum's motion was approved.

11/27/00-08 Chancellor Aiken presented SP.01.06*, Proposed Revision to the Bylaws, Part E.2 - Council on Program Evaluation (COPE). Senator Fossum described this proposal as housekeeping in nature, since COPE has not operated in over ten years. He moved its adoption.

11/27/00-09 By voice vote, SP.01.06 was approved.

11/27/00-10 The Chancellor presented for information and first reading SP.00.08*, Revisions to Statutes, Article V, Section 2, Graduate Colleges - Campus Research Board; Article XII, Research and Publication. This proposal originated when the positions of Vice-Chancellor for Research and Dean of the Graduate College were separated and are now held by 2 different individuals. Provisions of SP.00.08 would shift the reporting line of the Campus Research Board from the Graduate College to the campus level (i.e., Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor for Research).

Senator Wes Seitz (ACES) recommended that the Dean of the Graduate College should be a permanent member of the Campus Research Board. Fossum replied that there is nothing in this proposal that would exclude the person with that title from serving on the Board.

Senator Stephen Kaufman (MED) questioned who would be considered "the leadership of the cognizant senate" in the context of the senate providing input on appointments to the Board to the vice chancellor responsible for research. Fossum responded that the Senate Council would likely serve that function, but he said he would take up the matter with his committee.

Senator Baker recommended changing the number of members of the Campus Research Board from the proposed 8 to 12 members to a fixed number. Senator Friedman noted that a smaller campus would likely operate with a smaller Board; he preferred a range such as that offered by USSP.

Senator Seitz suggested that USSP clarify the language related to who will chair the Research Board, adding that if the Board provides recommendations to the vice chancellor responsible for research, perhaps that vice chancellor should not also serve as chair. Fossum thanked the Senate for its comments and reminded them that this statutory revision will return for second reading and action on February 12.

11/27/00-11 Chancellor Aiken presented for information and first reading SP.01.05*, Amendments to the Statutes, Article IX, Section 10 - Nonreappointment of Academic Professional Staff. This proposal would extend notice of nonreappointment rights for academic professional staff to those whose appointments are at 50% or more FTE.

Senator Ted Hymowitz (ACES) asked why academic professional positions that are grant-funded or related to coaching athletics carry different minimum notices of nonreappointment than "regular" AP positions. Fossum replied that USSP proposed no amendment to that section of the Statutes, but said his committee would take a look at it.

Senator Angela Wiley (ACES) asked why academic professional staff whose titles include the terms "visiting", "acting", or "interim" are excluded from provisions of this policy. Senator Friedman replied that those titles are meant to signify temporary positions.

The Chancellor presented the following items for information:
11/27/00-12 SC.01.08*, Report of the October 11-12 Board of Trustees Meeting,
11/27/00-13 HE.01.03*, Report of the November 3 FAC/IBHE Meeting,
11/27/00-14 UC.01.02*, Report of the October 31 University Senates Conference Meeting.

Regarding UC.01.02, Senator Kaufman asked how President Stukel determined that a policy that would provide benefits for domestic partners of university employees would be "at odds with the current statutory framework." Senator Rich replied that the President was referring to current state law; he added that the University Senates Conference (USC) and our Senate Committee on Equal Opportunity continue to pursue the matter.

Senator Harry Hilton (ENGR) moved to add a prefiled resolution, which had been distributed at the door, to today's agenda. In accord with the Senate Bylaws, Part A 3., "Matters not included in the agenda may not be presented to the Senate without concurrence of at least two-thirds of the members present and voting." By show of hands, consideration of this resolution was approved.

The resolution reads as follows:
"Whereas, The University of Illinois Press withdrew its offer of publishing Carol Spindel's book Dancing at Halftime after it received a favorable review based on its scholarship and suggested revisions,
Be it therefore resolved that…it is the sense of the UIUC Senate that this matter be referred to its Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure for evaluation and recommendations of appropriate Senate action regarding this and other possibly similar incidents."

Senator Hilton believed this was an academic freedom and scholarship issue, which should fall under the purview of the Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure (AFT). He urged senators to support this resolution.

By show of hands, the resolution was approved.

The Senate convened into executive session for purposes of discussing honorary degree nominations.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

Robert C. Damrau, Senate Clerk
*Filed with the Senate Clerk and incorporated by reference in these Minutes.