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April 29, 2002

A regular meeting of the Urbana-Champaign Senate was called to order at 3:10 p.m. in Foellinger Auditorium with Chancellor Nancy Cantor presiding.

04/29/02-01 The minutes of the March 11, 2002, Senate meeting were approved as written.

Senator Robert Fossum (LAS), Chair of the Senate Executive Committee (SEC), reported briefly on the SEC's upcoming meeting with the campus liaisons from the Board of Trustees.

Fossum announced that the following senators have agreed to serve as tellers: Billie Theide (FAA), Harry Hilton (ENGR), Dan Schwarz (GRAD), and Michael Murphy (ACES).

Chancellor Nancy Cantor spoke to the bleak economic news from Springfield that will mean a budget cut of more than $40 million at UIUC for FY02/03. The Board of Trustees (BOT) reviewed a tuition hike in March and will possibly vote in May. Dr. Cantor emphasized that she and Provost Richard Herman continue to make undergraduate education and the library budget priorities.

The Chancellor indicated that there is a need for units to develop contingency plans, which will require focus on the continued high quality of education. She added that the campus administration is asking for targeted plans from the Deans and Directors and will work with them and state legislators to resist sliding back and relinquishing our recent gains in the number of faculty and staff.

Professor Alfred Kagan (LIBR) expressed concern about the process used for the election for the Chair of the Senate Executive Committee, i.e., the nominee for SEC Chair ran unopposed and Mr. Kagan perceived a limited time frame for senators to nominate additional candidates. He suggested that the Senate Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures look into the matter.

Senator Michael Murphy (ACES), Chair of the Committee on Committees, responded that his Committee worked tirelessly to find more candidates for this office, but none were forthcoming.

The Chancellor presented for action IT.02.01*, Interim Policy on Appropriate Use of Computers and Network Systems. Senator Jan Novakofski (ACES), Chair of the Senate Committee on Information Technology (IT), moved, on behalf of absent Senator Dick Mintel, to amend the last sentence of section 9. b) 1) to read:

Whether so notified or not, units are responsible for taking appropriate security measures with respect to equipment within their LAN, and the faculty within each unit shall be responsible for computer security policy consistent with the campus guidelines.

By voice vote, the Mintel/Novakofski amendment was approved.

Senator Stephen Kaufman (MED) questioned the apparently conflicting statements found under sections 4.c) and 4.d) ii). The former appears to prohibit use of UIUCnet resources for "purposes unrelated to the mission of the University", while the latter states that "Use [of UIUCnet resources] by University employees unrelated to their University positions must be limited in both time and resources". He moved to change "unrelated to" to "that interfere with" and to delete "sending unauthorized mass mailings", both in section 4.c).

A motion to divide the question was approved by the Presiding Officer.

After brief discussion, a motion to refer the document back to the Information Technology Committee for further study failed by a show of hands (26-41) and a motion to close debate failed by voice vote. The subsequent prevailing sense of the Senate was to approve both of Kaufman's motions by voice vote.

In section 4.d) ii): Use [of UIUCnet resources] Unrelated to University Positions, Senator Kaufman moved to delete the last sentence, which reads, "It is the responsibility of employees to consult their supervisors, if they have any questions in this respect." He was unable to garner sufficient support for this motion, and it was lost by voice vote.

04/29/02-02 By voice vote, IT.02.01 was approved, as amended.

Dr. Cantor presented for second reading and action SP.00.05*, Proposed Revisions to the Statutes, Article II, Section 4 - Faculty Advisory Committee. Senator Joseph Finnerty (CBA), Chair of the Senate Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures, moved its approval.

04/29/02-03 By voice vote, SP.00.05 was approved.

04/29/02-04 The Chancellor presented for first reading and information SP.02.08*, Proposed Revisions to the Statutes, Article II, Section 5 - Professional Advisory Committee. Senator Finnerty explained that this revision would allow each campus to name the committee which performs the statutory function of the Professional Advisory Committee to control their name. Finnerty added that this proposal will be presented for second reading and action at the first meeting of the fall.

The Presiding Officer presented the following reports for information:

04/29/02-05 SS.02.01*, Report of the Director of Admissions and Records on the Admission of Student-Athletes,
04/29/02-06 HE.02.06*, Report of the February 5 meeting of the Board of Higher Education,
04/29/02-07 UC.02.04*, Report of the January 23 meeting of the University Senates Conference,
04/29/02-08 UC.02.05*, Report of the February 21 meeting of the University Senates Conference.

The Chancellor announced that, absent the objections of any senator, the following proposals were approved by unanimous consent. Senator Steven P. Hill (LAS) requested that EP.02.23 and EP.02.34 be considered under Proposals for Action.

04/29/02-09 EP.02.20*, Proposal from the College of ACES to Revise the Agroecology Option of the Crop Sciences Major,
04/29/02-10 EP.02.24*, Proposal from the Graduate College for the Creation of an M.S. and a Ph.D. Program in Systems and Entrepreneurial Engineering,
04/29/02-11 EP.02.28*, Proposal from the College of Engineering for the Revised Computer Science/Engineering Curriculum,
04/29/02-12 EP.02.29*, Proposal from the Graduate College for a Five-Year Combined B.S./M.S. Program in Computer Science,
04/29/02-13 EP.02.30*, Proposal from the College of LAS for the Creation of the Major in Specialized Curriculum in Biomolecular and Chemical Engineering,
04/29/02-14 EP.02.31*, Proposal from the Council on Teacher Education for a Revision of the General Education Requirements for Music Education,
04/29/02-15 EP.02.33*, Proposed Revision to the Curriculum Preparatory to Teaching Persons with Moderate and Severe Disabilities; Revisions to two Master's Level Certificate Options,
04/29/02-16 SC.02.09*, 2002-2003 Senate/SEC Calendar.

04/29/02-17 Dr. Cantor presented for action SP.02.09*, Revision to the Bylaws, Part D.19 (b) - Committee on University Student Life. Senator Finnerty briefly described this proposal, which would add two ex officio members to this committee - a representative of the Committee of Assistant and Associate Deans (A&A Deans) and the Dean of Students, who already serves as an observer. He moved its approval.

Senator H. George Friedman (ENGR) objected to the absence of the option for the Dean of Students and the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs (VCSA), also an ex officio committee member, to send a designee in her/his stead. Finnerty replied that both the current VCSA and Dean of Students regularly attend Student Life meetings. Friedman stated the language should be written for the position and not for the tendencies of the incumbent; he moved that "or the Vice-Chancellor's designee" and "or the Dean's designee" be inserted in lines 9 and 13, respectively.

By voice vote, Friedman's motion carried.

04/29/02-18 By voice vote, SP.02.09 was approved, as amended.

04/29/02-19 The Chancellor presented for action EP.02.25*, 2004-2005 Academic Calendar. Senator Peter Mortensen (LAS), Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Educational Policy, moved its approval.

Senator Mark Roszkowski (CBA), moved to refer this item back to the Educational Policy Committee for further study because he felt that the Committee should consider revisiting some calendar practices of the past. Mortensen cited the need for this calendar to be approved to allow campus and community members to conduct advanced planning for events. Senator Fossum suggested the Senate should pass the 2004-2005 calendar and allow Educational Policy to consider calendar issues for subsequent years.

By voice vote, Roszkowski's motion was lost.

04/29/02-20 By voice vote, EP.02.25 was approved.

A motion to refer EP.02.26*, 2005-2006 Academic Calendar and EP.02.27*, 2006-2007 Academic Calendar, back to the Educational Policy Committee, with instructions for the committee to consider some calendar policy alternatives, was approved by voice vote.

04/29/02-21 The Chancellor presented for action EP.02.23*, Proposal from the College of LAS to Revise the English Minor. Senator Hill asked if the English Minor has always required 21 hours of coursework. Senator Mortensen responded in the affirmative, adding that this revision merely replaces 2 outdated courses.

04/29/02-22 By voice vote, EP.02.23 was approved.

04/29/02-23 The Chancellor presented for action EP.02.34*, Proposal from the College of LAS for Revisions to the Multidisciplinary Major and Minor in International Studies. Senator Hill asked what revisions have been made. Senator Mortensen replied that students in the Major and Minor may now select from a wide range of courses, where previously their options were very limited.

04/29/02-24 By voice vote, EP.02.34 was approved.

04/29/02-25 Dr. Cantor presented CG.01.13*, Proposed Revisions to the Code, Rule 26, Procedures for Review of Alleged Capricious Grading. Senator Nicholas Burbules (EDUC), Chair of the Conference on Conduct Governance (CCG), described this proposal as simply streamlining the review process in this area.

04/29/02-26 By voice vote, CG.01.13 was endorsed.

04/29/02-27 Dr. Cantor presented CG.02.02*, Proposed Revisions to the Code, Rule 34, Class Attendance. Senator Burbules characterized this Code revision as simplifying the process for those who wish to enforce current attendance policy, without mandating that faculty adhere to it.

04/29/02-28 By voice vote, CG.02.02 was endorsed.

The Chancellor presented the following reports for information:
04/29/02-29 AB.02.01*, Update on the Academic Review System,
04/29/02-30 SC.02.09*, Report of the March 13-14 BOT Meeting,
04/29/02-31 HE.02.07*, Report of the March 1 FAC/IBHE Meeting,
04/29/02-32 HE.02.08*, Report of the April 2 BHE Meeting,
04/29/02-33 HE.02.09*, Report of the April 5 FAC/IBHE Meeting,
04/29/02-34 UC.02.06*, Report of the March 27 USC Meeting,
04/29/02-35 CG.01.06*, Proposed Revisions to the Code, Rule 103, Use of University Premises and Facilities,
04/29/02-36 EP.02.10*, Report on Grade Point Average Calculation.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Robert C. Damrau, Senate Clerk
*Filed with the Senate Clerk and incorporated by reference in these Minutes.