University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Senate

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Urbana-Champaign Senate
November 4, 2002; 3:10 p.m.
Foellinger Auditorium

I. Approval of September 30, 2002, Senate Minutes

II. Senate Executive Committee Report - Robert Fossum, Chair

III. Chancellor's Remarks
Note: VCSA Pat Askew will discuss issues/initiatives under her bailiwick.

IV. Questions/Discussion

V. Consent Agenda
Proposal from the Council on Teacher Education for a Revision to the Social Studies Teaching Option of the History Major in the Sciences and Letters Curriculum
Educational Policy (P. Mortensen, Chair) EP.02.35

Proposal from the Institute of Aviation for the Termination of the Master's Degree in Applied Engineering Psychology and the Creation of a M.S. in Human Factors
Educational Policy EP.02.37

Proposal to Rename the College of Commerce and Business Administration to the College of Business
Educational Policy EP.03.01

Proposal from the College of LAS to Revise the Interdisciplinary Minor in Jewish Culture and Society
Educational Policy EP.03.02

Proposal from the College of ACES for the ACES International Minor
Educational Policy EP.03.03

VI. Proposed Revisions to the Senate Bylaws and Standing Rules
Revision to the Bylaws, Part E, Section 2 - Faculty Advisory Committee
University Statutes and Senate Procedures (J. Finnerty, Chair) SP.03.03

Housekeeping Revisions to the Bylaws, Revising Senate Council to Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
University Statutes and Senate Procedures SP.03.07

Housekeeping Revisions to the Standing Rules, Revising Senate Council to Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
University Statutes and Senate Procedures SP.03.08

VII. Proposals for Action
Nominations for Membership on Standing Committees of the Senate
Committee on Committees (J. Prussing, Chair) CC.03.05

VIII. Reports from the Conference on Conduct Governance (CCG)
Revisions to the Code - Rules 11, 12, and 14
Conference on Conduct Governance (N. Burbules, Chair) CG.02.07

IX. Reports for Information of the Senate
Items Under Study by the Committee
Faculty Benefits (N. Denzin, Chair) FB.03.01

Report Regarding Educational Policy Implications of the UI Integrate Initiative
Educational Policy EP.03.04

FAC/IBHE Meeting, October 1, K. Andersen, HE.03.03

USC Meeting, September 24, N. O'Brien, UC.03.01

X. New Business
Matters not included on the agenda may not be presented to the Senate without the concurrence of at least two-thirds of the members present and voting.

XI. Adjournment