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Urbana-Champaign Senate Meeting
November 1, 2004

A regular meeting of the Urbana-Champaign Senate was called to order at 3:10p.m. in Foellinger Auditorium with Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Pat Askew presiding in the absence of Interim Chancellor Richard Herman.

Approval of Minutes

11/01/04-01The minutes of the September 27, 2004, Senate meeting were approved as written.

Senate Executive Committee Report

Senator Mary Mallory (LIBR), Vice-Chair of the Senate Executive Committee (SEC), reported on the following activities of the SEC and other items related to today’s agenda:

·Welcome to our second meeting of the academic year. Please note the schedule of this year’s meetings, found at the bottom of today’s agenda. ·You were advised via email last week that the Senate now has its own Web domain:; please update your bookmarks. ·At its October 11 meeting, the Senate Executive Committee approved nominations for the Campus Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC). Because of a dearth of faculty candidates under Physical/Mathematical Sciences, SEC gave Deans an extension to provide additional nominations. The expanded slate (SC.05.05) was distributed at the door today. ·The SEC heard reports from a number of Senate committee chairs, including the status of an initiative by Equal Opportunity to survey faculty opinions about “Flexible Tenure”. You will hear more about this later in the year. ·The SEC was advised that the Committees on General University Policy and University Statutes and Senate Procedures may be nearing consensus on a proposal for Multi-Year Contracts.

If discussions continue as planned, statutory revisions may be presented to the Senate for first reading and information at the December meeting. Stay tuned. ·Please remain in the auditorium for the full meeting, because the Senate will consider additional nominations for honorary degrees for Commencement 2005 in Executive Session at the end of today’s agenda. ·Floor privileges have been requested for Kinesiology Professor Ed McAuley to speak to EP.04.38 (there was no objection). ·Tellers for today’s meeting are Ann Reisner (ACES), Adam Blahnik (LAS), John Washington (LAS), and Bill Williamson (LAS). Chancellor’s Remarks

Vice-Chancellor Askew expressed sincere condolences to the loved ones and colleagues of Associate Provost David Swanson, who passed away suddenly over the weekend.


Senator Matthew Ando (LAS) expressed a litany of concerns about the mandated ethics legislation and training.Senator Mallory indicated she would bring his concerns to the Senate Executive Committee for consideration.

Consent Agenda

The Presiding Officer announced that, absent the objections of any senator, the following proposals were approved by unanimous consent (EP.05.05 was moved to proposals for action.):

11/01/04-02EP.04.33*, Revision of the Undergraduate Curriculum in Leisure Studies, ALS,

11/01/04-03EP.04.41*, Undergraduate Athletic Training Education Concentration in the Dept. of Kinesiology,

11/01/04-04EP.04.42*, Revision of Undergraduate Art History Major, College of Fine and Applied Arts,

11/01/04-05EP.04.44*, Proposal from FAA to Revise the Foundation Program of all Art and Design Curricula,

11/01/04-06EP.05.01*, Proposal to Rename the Interdisciplinary Minor in Afro-American Studies to the Interdisciplinary Minor in African American Studies,

11/01/04-07EP.05.02*, Proposal to Rename the Afro-American Studies and Research Program to the African American Studies and Research Program,

11/01/04-08EP.05.04*, Proposal from the Graduate College to Eliminate the M.A. in the Teaching of German.

Proposals for Action

11/01/04-09Ms. Askew presented for action CC.05.04*, Nominations for Membership on Standing Committees of the Senate and SURSMAC.Senator John Prussing (ENGR), Chair of the Senate Committee on Committees, moved approval of the slate of nominees.There were no floor nominations and nominations were declared closed.

11/01/04-10By voice vote, the slate was approved.

11/01/04-11The VCSA presented for vote SC.05.05*, Approval of Campus Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC) Nomination Slate.Senator Mallory directed the attention of senators to the expanded slate distributed at the door; she moved its approval.

11/01/04-12By voice vote, the slate was approved.

11/01/04-13The Presiding Officer presented for Senate action EP.04.38*, Proposal for the Merger of the Departments of Community Health and Kinesiology.Professor Abbas Aminmansour (FAA), Chair of the Committee on Educational Policy, applauded the tireless efforts of all involved to bring this proposal forward today.He moved its approval.

Concerns about the proposed departmental merger included the potential loss of the Community Health curriculum under the Kinesiology umbrella, what other options were considered, and whether or not faculty in the affected departments were appropriately consulted.

Professor Aminmansour and other members of his Committee vigorously defended the proposal, citing statutory provisions that were followed regarding faculty consultation, the consideration and ultimate rejection of other merger/transfer options, and the widespread practice at other higher education institutions of merging these two departments.

11/01/04-14By voice vote, EP.04.38 was approved.

11/01/04-15The Presiding Officer presented for action EP.05.05*, Proposal from LAS to Revise the Specialized Curriculum of the B.S. in Biochemistry. On behalf of the Educational Policy Committee, Professor Aminmansour accepted a minor amendment from Senator R. L. Belford (LAS).

11/01/04-16By voice vote, EP.05.05 was approved, as amended.

Proposed Revisions to the Senate Bylaws

11/01/04-17Vice-Chancellor Askew presented for action SP.05.03*, Revisions to the Bylaws, Part D.3 (a) and (b) – Committee on Admissions and Part D.8 (b) – Committee on Educational Policy.Senator Joseph Finnerty (BUS), Chair of the Senate Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures (USSP), briefly described the housekeeping nature of this proposal and he moved its approval.

11/01/04-18By voice vote, the measure was approved.

11/01/04-19Ms. Askew presented for action SP.05.04*, Revisions to the Bylaws, Part D.10 (b) – Committee on Faculty Benefits.Senator Finnerty described this proposal as another housekeeping amendment and he moved its approval.

11/01/04-20By voice vote, SP.05.04 was approved.

Reports for Information of the Senate

The VCSA presented the following reports for information:

11/01/04-21HE.05.02*, Report of the October 5 BHE Meeting,

11/01/04-22HE.05.03*, Report of the October 5 FAC/IBHE Meeting.

Executive Session

The Senate approved a motion to enter Executive Session at 4:30 p.m. for purposes of considering candidates for honorary degrees. The Senate exited this session at 4:40 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

Robert C. Damrau, Senate Clerk
*Filed with the Senate Clerk and incorporated by reference in these Minutes.