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Urbana-Champaign Senate Meeting
April 25, 2005

A regular meeting of the Urbana-Champaign Senate was called to order at 3:10p.m. in Foellinger Auditorium with Chancellor-Designate Richard Herman presiding.

Approval of Minutes

04/25/05-01 The minutes of the March 28, 2005, Senate meeting were approved as written.

Senate Executive Committee Report
Senator Michael Grossman (ACES), Chair of the Senate Executive Committee (SEC), congratulated Richard Herman upon the recent news that President Joseph White has recommended Dr. Herman to the Board of Trustees (BOT) as the next Chancellor of the Urbana-Champaign campus. (Subsequently, the BOT approved this appointment at its May 19 meeting.) The Senate responded with an enthusiastic round of applause.

The SEC held its second discussion session with University President Joseph White on April 11. The President was also slated to be here today to be formally introduced to the assembly and to talk about his 10-year strategic plan for the University. However, the State Senate scheduled appropriations hearings for this afternoon in Chicago; we will re-schedule his Senate presentation for the first meeting of the fall semester.

At its April 4 meeting, the SEC approved the awarding of an honorary degree to the Spring 2005 commencement speaker. Although SEC is authorized by Senate Bylaws to act on behalf of the Senate for minor items, SEC acted to approve it while recognizing that this was not a minor item. That action was taken because the 25 April meeting came too late for action by the Senate and for approval by the BOT. We would have brought the item to Senate, except that it would have been moot.
At the April 18 2005-2006 Senate Orientation and Organizational Meeting, it was announced that Senator Vernon Burton was elected Senate Executive Committee (SEC) Chair and Senator John Prussing was elected Vice-Chair. Congratulations to Vernon, John, and all other candidates elected to positions on the SEC and Senate standing committees.

In GP.03.06, the Committee on General University Policy (GUP) presents a resolution for Senate action that calls upon the other campus senates and the University Senates Conference to encourage the Board of Trustees to amend the General Rules to include the campus chancellors in the administration of intellectual property developed on their campuses. University Statutes and Senate Procedures (USSP) is bringing to you for Action and Second Reading statutory revisions that redefine the procedure to amend the Statutes (SP.01.04).

Based in part on Senate discussion of March 28, the Conference on Conduct Governance (CCG) has revised and will present today CG.04.02 (Revised Rule 19, Possession of Weapons). Please remember that although the Senate discusses items from CCG, any suggestions we may have are advisory to the Chancellor.
Floor privileges have been requested for Andy Isserman, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, and Wayne Banwart, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs, College of ACES, to speak to EP.05.18. I move that such privileges be granted (there was no objection).

I would like to thank SEC Vice-Chair Mary Mallory, other officers of the campus, the Senate, and Senate committees for their work during my time as SEC Chair.
Tellers for today’s meeting are Senators Ann Reisner (ACES), Joan Klein (LAS), Adam H. Blahnik (LAS), and Daniel Nugent (ACES).
Chancellor’s Remarks Chancellor-Designate Herman thanked the Senate for their acknowledgment of his appointment. He then expressed his appreciation to SEC Chair Michael Grossman and Vice-Chair Mary Mallory for their assistance; the Senate responded with applause.

Dr. Herman deferred further remarks and turned the podium over to Rich Mendola to provide a final update of UI-Integrate project.

Among the items Mendola discussed: a description of the project, why it was necessary, what objectives were accomplished, the project budget, perspectives on complaints, and future plans. (A copy of Mr. Mendola’s powerpoint presentation may be obtained from his office.)


There were no questions.

Consent Agenda

Senator H. George Friedman (ENGR) requested that EP.05.25 and EP.05.21 be moved to Proposals for Action. The Presiding Officer announced that, absent further objections of any senator, the following proposals were approved by unanimous consent:

04/25/05-02 EP.05.09*, Urban Planning Minor,

04/25/05-03 EP.05.17*, Proposal from LAS for the Creation of an American Indian Studies Program,

04/25/05-04 EP.05.18*, Proposal to Combine Two Majors in ACE,

04/25/05-05 EP.05.26*, Proposal to Change the Name of the Graduate Degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering,

04/25/05-06 SC.05.08*, 2005-2006 Senate/SEC Calendar.

Proposals for Action

04/25/05-07 Chancellor-Designate Herman presented for action GP.03.06*, Resolution on the Revision of the General Rules, Article III. Senator Richard Schacht (LAS), Chair of the Senate Committee on General University Policy, directed the attention of senators to the background of this resolution. He then briefly described its thrust as restoring campus Chancellors to their appropriate place in intellectual property administration. Senator Schacht then moved its approval.

margin-left:1.0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;text-indent:.3in">Views were expressed both in favor and in opposition to this resolution.

04/25/05-08 By voice vote, GP.03.06 was approved.

04/25/05-09 Dr. Herman presented for action FB.05.01*, Resolution on Parking Policies. Senator Barclay Jones (ENGR), Chair of the Senate Committee on Faculty Benefits, recapitulated the background of this resolution; he then moved its approval.

margin-left:1.0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;text-indent:.3in">Senator R. Linn Belford (LAS) moved to replace “initiated” with “considered” in the third resolution. By show of hands, this motion was approved.

04/25/05-10 By show of hands (22-27), FB.05.01, as amended, was defeated.

04/25/05-11 The next item presented for action was CO.05.01*, Resolution Regarding the Restoration of the Lincoln Hall Building. Senator John Lammers (LAS), member of the Senate Committee on Campus Operations, described the chronology of this resolution.

Senator Lammers then moved its approval.

04/25/05-12 After two proposed amendments concerning University exposure to litigation were lost, CO.05.01 was approved by voice vote.

04/25/05-13 The Presiding Officer presented EP.05.25*, Proposal to Add CI:199 to Graduation Requirements, College of Education. Senator H. G. Friedman asked that since all departments have a course 199, could the sponsors pick another name. Professor James Leach, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Education, indicated that would be done.

04/25/05-14 By voice vote, EP.05.25 was approved.

04/25/05-15 Another referral from the Consent Agenda was EP.05.21*, Guidelines for Graduate Concentrations. Senator Friedman moved to add “Senate and” before “Board of Trustees” in the penultimate line of the first #4 paragraph on page 39. This amendment was approved by voice vote.

04/25/05-16 EP.05.21, as amended, was approved by voice vote.

Proposed Revisions to the University Statutes

04/25/05-17 Chancellor-Designate Herman presented for Second Reading and Action SP.01.04*, Proposed Revisions to the Statutes, Article XIII, Section 8.a. – General Provisions, Amendments. After referring to errata distributed at the door, Senator Joseph Finnerty (BUS), Chair of the Senate Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures, summarized the background of this proposal and moved its approval. Two minor suggestions (“among” for “with” on line 17 and “upon” for “to” on line 18) were accepted with no discussion.

04/25/05-18 SP.01.04 was approved by voice vote.

04/25/05-19 SP.05.07*, Revision to the Statutes, Article IX, Section 11, was presented for First Reading and Information. Senator Finnerty indicated this will return for Second Reading and Action at the September 19 Senate meeting.

Proposed Revisions to the Code of Policies and Regulations

Dr. Herman presented the following report for information and discussion:

04/25/05-20 CG.04.02*, Revised Rule 19, Possession of Weapons. Senator Mark Roszkowski (BUS), Chair of the Conference on Conduct Governance (CCG), explained that CCG worked to address concerns about this Code revision that were raised at the last Senate meeting. After a few additional opinions were expressed, Roszkowski thanked the Senate for their input.

Reports for Information of the Senate

The following reports were presented for information:

04/25/05-21 SS.05.01*, Report of the Associate Provost, Office of Admissions and Records, on the Admission of Student-Athletes,

04/25/05-22 SC.05.09*, March 10 BOT,

04/25/05-23 HE.05.10*, March 25 FAC/IBHE,

04/25/05-24 HE.05.11*, April 5 IBHE.

New Business

With the approval of at least two-thirds of senators present and voting, the following item was added to the agenda:

04/25/05-25 SC.05.10*, Procedures for Selecting a Search Committee for a Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. Senator Grossman moved its approval.

04/25/05-26 By voice vote, it was approved.

The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Robert C. Damrau, Senate Clerk
*Filed with the Senate Clerk and incorporated by reference in these Minutes.