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Urbana-Champaign Senate Meeting
October 24, 2005

A regular meeting of the Urbana-Champaign Senate was called to order at 3:10p.m. in Foellinger Auditorium with Chancellor Richard Herman presiding.

Approval of Minutes

10/24/05-01 The minutes of the September 19, 2005, Senate meeting were approved as written.

Senate Executive Committee Report

Senator Vernon Burton (LAS), Chair of the Senate Executive Committee (SEC), provided the following report.

Welcome to the second Senate meeting of this academic year.
Since the last Senate meeting, the Senate Executive Committee has held discussions about, among other matters, the President’s and Chancellor’s strategic plans. The SEC will host a shared governance seminar on January 23 beginning at 1:00 p.m. at the Levis Faculty Center. You will continue to hear more about these items.
We are fortunate to have University President B. Joseph White as a guest speaker today; the President will be discussing “Hard Choices for a Brilliant Future”.
The SEC approved the slate of nominations for the Campus Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC), which is on today’s agenda for Senate approval.

Please note that after the full slate is approved, a selection committee consisting of the SEC Chair and Vice Chair and the Provost will make the final CBOC selections.
With no objection, the Executive Session for the consideration of nominations for honorary degrees will be deferred until the next Senate meeting.
Floor privileges have been requested for Associate Dean of Students Dick Justice to speak to SD.05.01. I move that such privileges be granted (there was no objection).
Tellers for today’s meeting are Billie Theide (FAA), Norm Denzin (COMM), Leslie Struble (ENGR) and Abbas Aminmansour (FAA).

Chancellor’s Remarks

Chancellor Herman deferred his remarks and turned the podium over to University President B. Joseph White, to talk about “Hard Choices for a Brilliant Future”.

President White stepped down from the stage and used the wireless microphone to create an informal, unscripted atmosphere.

He began by thanking faculty for their demanding work, especially in the wake of the last few tough fiscal years for the University. The President cited three reasons why he believes our institution’s future must be brilliant – 1) Our future must reflect the brilliance of our past, 2) Because of unstoppable global forces, our educational mission has never been more important, and 3) Pride.

Dr. White acknowledged that we need the state to continue to provide its share of our budget, while we must work to improve from an underachiever to an overachiever in private giving. He added that in a perfect world, tuition increases are modest, internal reallocation is a thing of the past, state funding is adequate, and academic excellence continues unabated.

The President said the three questions he hears the most often as he travels around the state speaking to all types of groups are: 1) Why is the University of Illinois exempt from restructuring and layoffs that are found in nearly every other industry in today’s economy?, 2) Is there a culture clash between academics and conservative groups?, and 3) Does a value-added benefit of higher education really exist?

He answers these questions this way - 1) The University is not exempt from these market forces, 2) There may be a clash perceived by some, but not generally by us, and 3) Absolutely.

Questions and comments from the assembly included reference to the teaching v. research components of the institution’s mission, the role of the University President as it relates to the campus Chancellors, and the need to dispel skepticism about the three questions noted above, including an acknowledgment by President White that he is a strong defender of tenure and its associated academic freedom.

The Senate responded with an enthusiastic round of applause.


There were no further questions.

Consent Agenda

The Presiding Officer announced that, absent objections of any senator, the following proposals were approved by unanimous consent:

10/24/05-02 EP.06.01*, Proposal to Establish a Jazz Performance Major within the Bachelor of Music degree,

10/24/05-03 EP.06.07*, Revision to the Undergraduate Curriculum in Painting in the School of Art & Design, FAA,

10/24/05-04 EP.06.09*, Revision of the Interdisciplinary Minor in African American Studies, LAS.

Proposals for Action

10/24/05-05 Chancellor Herman presented for action EP.06.08*, Revision to the Course Numbering System (Code Part 7. Transcripts) to allow for use of 700-level numbers in the Professional Curricula. Professor Abbas Aminmansour, Chair of the Senate Committee on Educational Policy, summarized the background of this measure; he then moved its approval.

10/24/05-06 By voice vote, EP.06.08 was approved.

10/24/05-07 Dr. Herman presented for action CC.06.04*, Nominations for Membership on Standing Committees of the Senate and the Military Education Council. Senator Kim Graber (ALS), Chair of the Senate Committee on Committees, moved approval of the slate. There were no floor nominations and nominations were declared closed.

10/24/05-08 By voice vote, the slate of candidates was approved.

10/24/05-09 The Chancellor presented for action SC.06.04*, Approval of Campus Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC) Nomination Slate. Senator Vernon Burton moved approval of the slate on behalf of the Senate Executive Committee.

10/24/05-10 By voice vote, the slate was approved.

Proposed Revisions to the Senate Bylaws

10/24/05-11 The Presiding Officer presented for action SP.05.05*, Revision to the Senate Bylaws, Part E 1. (c) 3 – Athletic Board, Membership. Senator Linda Beale (LAW), Chair of the Senate Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures, explained that this proposal reflects the merger of the Student Senate Caucus and Illinois Student Government. She moved its approval.

10/24/05-12 SP.05.05 was approved by voice vote.

Reports for Information of the Senate

The following reports were presented for information:

10/24/05-13 SD.05.01*, 2004-05 Student Discipline Annual Report,

10/24/05-14 SC.06.03*, September 8 BOT,

10/24/05-15 HE.05.16*, August 23 BHE,

10/24/05-16 HE.06.01*, September 9 FAC/IBHE,

10/24/05-17 UC.06.01*, September 27 USC.

The meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.

Robert C. Damrau, Senate Clerk
*Filed with the Senate Clerk and incorporated by reference in these Minutes.