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Urbana-Champaign Senate Meeting
March 27, 2006

A regular meeting of the Urbana-Champaign Senate was called to order at 3:10p.m. in Foellinger Auditorium with Chancellor Richard Herman presiding.

Approval of Minutes

03/27/06-01 Minutes of the February 20, 2006, Senate meeting were approved as written.

Senate Executive Committee Report
Senator Vernon Burton (LAS), Chair of the Senate Executive Committee (SEC), provided the following report.

The SEC met with Trustee Marge Sodemann, as well as Associate Vice-President Doug Vinzant and Assistant VP Randy Kangas, on February 27 to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern including the UI global campus proposal, re-employment of retirees, and strategic planning.

Just before break, the 2006-07 Senate conducted the election for SEC Chair and Vice-Chair and for faculty members of Committee on Committees. The election was held online, with provision for senators to vote via paper ballot if they wished. I am humbled to report that the Senate re-elected me as SEC Chair; Senators Nick Burbules was elected Vice-Chair and Senators Dana Rabin and Rachel Schwartz were elected to the Committee on Committees. Thanks to all the candidates. We had our highest turnout in 20 years as 156 senators voted – we hope to build upon this next year by having a forum at which candidates can speak and answer questions.
Last week, five members of the SEC participated in the review of a candidate for Vice-Chancellor for Development and Advancement (VCDA); the SEC will also be involved in interviews for other VCDA finalists. The Chair of the Senate Committee on Public Engagement, Mike Hirschi, serves on the search committee for this new position.

University Librarian Paula Kaufman will be addressing the Senate today to talk about “What Makes a Library Great? Print-Volume Ranking and Public Perceptions”.
Seating for visitors who have not requested floor privileges is in the balcony. There are stairwells leading upstairs on either side of the main lobby.
Please adhere to the posted signs and sit in the appropriate section (e.g., administrators, media, etc.) so it will easier for the tellers to identify and count senators. Also, please identify yourself when you address the assembly.

I request floor privileges for the following individuals to speak to RS.06.01, Prefiled Resolution to Eliminate Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day: Carol Malmgren, Interim Registrar; Dr. Robert Palinkas, Director, McKinley Health Center; James Rooney, Associate Director of Housing; Ed Slazinik, Director, Illini Union; Brian Farber, Assistant Dean of Students; Jeff Christensen, Assistant Chief, UI Police; Andrea Goulet, Assistant Professor of French; and Nicole Obert, Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology (there was no objection).

I also request floor privileges for the following individuals to speak to EP.06.16, Merge the Departments of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Rename the Combined Department the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering, from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering: Professors Andrew Alleyne, Jon Dantzig, K. Jimmy Hsia, Young Huang, Mark Shannon, Petros Sofronis, D. Scott Stewart, and Charles Tucker; from the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics: Professors Robert Haber and James Phillips; from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering:

Professor Robert Dodds; from the Department of Aerospace Engineering: Professor Emeritus Harry Hilton; from the Department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering: Professor Barclay Jones; from the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health: Professor and Head Wojtek Chadzko-Zajko. (there was no objection).
Senator Burton then moved to reorder the agenda such that RS.06.01 would be considered immediately after EP.06.16. This motion was approved by voice vote.
Tellers for today’s meeting are Ann Reisner (ACES), Ed Herricks (ENGR), Hassan Al-Shawaf (GRAD) and Billie Theide (FAA).

Chancellor’s Remarks

Chancellor Herman deferred his remarks and introduced University Librarian Paula Kaufman, who spoke about changes in library ranking methods, and the need for the establishment of focus points for future communication about the library’s strength and strategies for developing those points, including marketing, brochures, recruiting materials for job candidates, and to actively engage the senate in these discussions.

Proposals for Action

03/27/06-02 Dr. Herman presented for action FB.05.01*, Resolution on Parking Policies. Professor Barclay Jones (ENGR), Chair of the Committee on Faculty Benefits, briefly explained the background of this proposal and moved its approval. A question about new parking lots was answered by indicating the question was beyond the scope of the resolution.

03/27/06-03 By voice vote, FB.05.01 was approved.

03/27/06-04 The Chancellor presented for action EP.06.34*, Revision to the Art Education Undergraduate Curriculum within the School of Art and Design. Professor Abbas Aminmansour (FAA) moved approval of the proposal on behalf of the Educational Policy Committee.

03/27/06-05 By voice vote, EP.06.34 was approved.

03/27/06-06 The Presiding Officer presented for action EP.06.39*, Proposal to Rename the College of Applied Life Studies to the College of Applied Health Sciences.

Professor Aminmansour moved its approval on behalf of the Educational Policy Committee.

03/27/06-07 By voice vote, EP.06.39 was approved.

03/27/06-08 Chancellor Herman presented for action EP.06.16*, Merge the Departments of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Rename the Combined Department the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering. Professor Aminmansour summarized the background of this measure; he then moved its approval.

A large number of individuals spoke to this proposal, some in favor and some opposed. The written comments of those who presented at the required public hearing is available at:

. In addition, as requested, a letter received from Professor Robert Dodds
has been incorporated by reference in these minutes.

A motion to close debate was approved by show of hands (59-25).

Senator Richard Weaver (ENGR) asked the Presiding Officer to determine if a quorum was present. By count of the tellers, there were 76 senators present, short of the quorum requirement of 100 senators in the Senate Constitution.

In accord with Senate Standing Rule #1, the unfinished business on today’s agenda will be considered at an adjourned meeting on Monday, April 3, beginning at 3:10 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Robert C. Damrau, Senate Clerk
*Filed with the Senate Clerk and incorporated by reference in these Minutes.