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Urbana-Champaign Senate Meeting

March 30, 1998

A regular meeting of the Urbana-Champaign Senate was called to order at 3:10p.m., in Foellinger Auditorium, with Chancellor Michael Aiken presiding.

Approval of Minutes

03/30/98-01 The minutes of March 9, 1998, were approved as written.

Senate Council Report

Senator Richard Schacht (Las), Chair of Senate Council, announced that floor privileges have been requested for the following individuals, and he moved that such privileges be granted, to speak to:

EP.98.02, Proposal from LAS to Revise the Master's and Doctoral Programs in German; and EP.98.11, Proposal from LAS to Establish an Interdisciplinary Minor in Science and Technology in Society, Staff Assistant Jane Woolfolk; AB.98.02, NCAA Graduation Report, Terry Cole, Associate Director of Athletics. There was no objection.

Schacht reported that Senate Council recently discussed the following:

Campus Budget Oversight Committee. Schacht reported that the document detailing the CBOC composition and selection process is on today's agenda for approval.

Faculty Workload Policy. Schacht reported that a letter was recently sent by the Provost to Academic Deans advising them to require all units within their purview to develop a statement of faculty responsibilities. The Provost has set a deadline of June 1, 1998, for colleges to respond with such statements from their units.

Responsibilities of the Senate Committee on Committees (COC). Council endorsed working guidelines for the COC, with particular reference to the need to preserve the confidentiality of its deliberations while also being attentive to considerations such as diversity in slates the committee brings forward. Copies of the guidelines are available upon request from the Senate Office.

Computer Usage Policy. Schacht reported that while provisions of this policy are now in effect, the Senate Committee on General University Policy (Gup) will continue to monitor this item. GUP recommended (among other things) that computer access be determined as close to the departmental level as possible.

University Rules of Governance and Articulation. The issue of how policies are developed and articulated between the campus and the University, and the parameters of each party's responsibilities with respect to the implementation of such policies, is expected to be discussed between GUP and the campus administration.

Tenure Issues Committee. Schacht reported that the first report of this Senate Council ad hoc body is on today's agenda for information and discussion.

Policy on Named Faculty Appointments. Schacht described this issue as complicated and important (allowing units to name non-endowed chairs and professorships); GUP will discuss the impact of such a policy with the Chancellor and Provost before making any recommendations.

Schacht announced that the following senators agreed to serve as tellers: James L. Robinson (Aces), Nancy O'Brien (Libr), Geneva Belford (Engr), and Donald Uchtmann (Aces).

Schacht then read a Resolution of Appreciation to Provost Larry R. Faulkner, upon the occasion of his departure from the University of Illinois to begin his tenure as President of the University of Texas at Austin. The Senate unanimously approved the resolution and gave the Provost a standing ovation. Schacht presented the Provost with a certificate containing the text of the resolution. Faulkner thanked the Senate for the unexpected honor.

Chancellor's Remarks

Chancellor Aiken briefly updated the Senate on two ongoing searches. He expected the search for a dean of the College of Applied Life Studies to be concluded by the end of this semester. He also reported that the search for a Provost is on track to meet target deadlines of June for the first interviews, August for second interviews, October 1 for the acceptance of an offer, and January 1, 1999, for a new Provost to be in place.

He then turned the podium over to Assistant Provost Karen Carney, to describe the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's North Central Association accreditation visit scheduled for September 1999.

The NCA-CIHE is the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools--Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, that serves colleges and schools in 19 states, including Illinois, and is one of six regional institutional accrediting associations in the U.S.

The North Central Association accredits institutions as a whole, reviews the educational offerings of institutions, and assesses governance and administration, financial condition, admissions and student personnel processes, institutional resources, and relationships between institutions and outside communities.

The evaluation process begins with a self-study report prepared by the institution, followed by an evaluation visit, an evaluation team report, and, ultimately, action by the Commission.

Criteria for accreditation include:

1. The institution has clear and publicly stated purposes consistent with its mission and appropriate to an institution of higher education.

2. The institution has effectively organized the human, financial, and physical resources necessary to accomplish its purposes.

3. The institution is accomplishing its educational and other purposes.

4. The institution can continue to accomplish its purposes and strengthen its educational effectiveness.

5. The institution demonstrates integrity in its practices and relationships.

The UIUC Self Study includes appointment of an Accreditation Planning Committee (appointed Spring 1997, chaired by Professor R. Linn Belford), and the distribution of a draft report for campus review and comment, slated for March 1999, in preparation for the evaluation visit in September 1999. The self-study report is modeled after tenets set forth in Framework for the Future:

Invest in People

Promote Scholarship and Research

Accord Full Value to Our Teaching Mission

Invest in Our Facilities and Organizational Environment

Explore the Use of New Teaching and Information Technologies

Strengthen Our Strategic Engagement in International Studies

Reinvigorate Our Commitment to Outreach and Partnerships

Carney concluded by announcing that campus forums will be widely advertised well in advance of the distribution of the Urbana-Champaign self-study report.


There were none.

Consent Agenda

The Chancellor announced that, since he heard no objection, the following items were approved by unanimous consent:

03/30/98-02 EP.98.02*, Proposal from LAS to Revise the Master's and Doctoral Programs in German,

03/30/98-03 EP.98.11*, Proposal from LAS to Establish an Interdisciplinary Minor in Science and Technology in Society

Proposed Revisions to the Statutes

03/30/98-04 Chancellor Aiken presented for first reading and information SP.98.06*, Proposed Editorial Revisions to the University Statutes. Senator H. George Friedman (Engr), Statutes Committee Chair, described the origins of this document as stemming from the Board of Trustees need for a style guide to the Statutes. He cited the herculean work of Professor Kenneth Andersen, under the direction of Dr. Michele Thompson, Secretary to the Board.

He characterized most of the revisions as editorial in nature, as explained in the covering document to this proposal. He welcomed any questions or comments.

Senator Terry Weech (Lisc) expressed concern about the proposed deletion of the qualifying phrase "of the rank of assistant professor and above" in defining "faculty of the department" in Article IV, Section 4 (Change of Departmental Organization). He stated the definition of "faculty" (Article II, Section 3a) includes reference to granting faculty privileges to academic staff members who are neither tenured nor receiving probationary credit towards tenure. Weech thought the deletion of the "assistant professor" phrase (above) could be interpreted as allowing both tenured/tenure track and non-tenure track individuals to vote on changes in departmental organization, which does not appear to be the intent of this change.

Senator Renee Clift (Educ) referred to Article VII, Section 3 (Councils on Teacher Education), and questioned the addition of the phrase "or designees" after "deans and directors" in the context of the composition of a Council on Teacher Education (Cte). She felt the addition of this phrase might change the operation of the CTE on the Urbana campus. Currently, deans/directors themselves are involved in major policy matters, while relatively minor matters are handled by the Executive Committee of the CTE, to which the deans send designees.

Senator Emanuel Donchin (Las) referred to Article I, Section 2 (President of the University) and asked whether the Senate should consider changes to the authority and functions of the President. Professor Ken Andersen replied that a document entitled Presidential Guidelines spells out in greater detail the role of the President; he added that this document is not subject to approval by either the Board of Trustees or the Senate.

Proposals for Action

03/30/98-05 The Chancellor presented for action SC.98.14*, CBOC Proposal. Senator Richard Schacht (Las), Chair of Senate Council, reminded all present that they will be voting on recommendations of Senate Council to support the nomination provisions for the Campus Budget Oversight Committee (Cboc) as outlined in Provost Communication #1. If this is approved, it is hoped that a CBOC slate will be on the agenda for approval at the April 27 Senate meeting.

Schacht described 2 suggested revisions to CBOC provisions of Communication #1, to which the Provost has not objected: 1) under I. Duties, add the "Senate Budget Committee" to Senate and Senate Council - as bodies to which the CBOC would report upon request, and 2) in a section of Communication #1 outside the CBOC, add provision for the Senate Budget Committee to monitor the budgeting process and report to the Senate at least every 3rd year. Schacht moved the approval of SC.98.14.

Senator Stephen Kaufman (Med) was concerned that the Regional Dean of the College of Medicine (Com) at Urbana-Champaign was omitted from the table (Table 2) of eligible nominators to the CBOC. Provost Larry Faulkner replied that the College of Medicine's budget resides primarily with the Chicago campus. Professor Tony Waldrop, Acting Regional Dean of COM, expressed his support for the measure as it stands. Schacht added that since Table 2 was part of Communication #1, which is a document of the Provost, the Senate may not propose amendments to it.

Donchin believed that the consideration of changes to Table 2 should not be done without such changes undergoing the same scrutiny that resulted in the document before the Senate today.

Kaufman moved to amend the Senate Council recommendation to include the phrase "subject to a change in Table 2 to add a nomination from the Regional Dean of the College of Medicine." Senator Geneva Belford (Engr) moved to substitute Kaufman's language with the following "The Senate recommends that the Provost add a nomination from the Regional Dean of the College of Medicine to Table 2." Belford's motion to substitute her language for Kaufman's language was approved by voice vote.

Donchin advised the Senate to consider that selection by the Provost and the Senate Council Chair and Vice-Chair determine the composition of the CBOC; changes to the list of nominators in any of the 6 disciplinary pools, including the determination of which pool to change, could affect the CBOC's disciplinary balance.

Belford's motion to amend SC.98.14 was defeated by show of hands (25-33).

03/30/98-06 By voice vote, SC.98.14 was approved.

03/09/98-07 Chancellor Aiken presented for action CG.98.01*, Proposed Revision in Rule 83 of the Code of Policies and Regulations Applying to All Students, Evening, Midterm and Hourly Examinations—All Students. Senator Carl Jones (Vmed), CCG Chair, briefly described the rationale behind this revision. He moved its approval.

Friedman believed the Provost's office should publicize the rules governing evening examinations, as it does for final examinations, which would help reduce the uneven administration of the current policy. Senator Stephen Portnoy (Las) asked how special examinations would be affected by this change in policy. Jones replied that provisions for special examinations are covered under Rule 85 of the Code.

03/30/98-08 By voice vote, CG.98.01 was approved.

Reports for Information

03/30/98-09 The Chancellor presented for information AB.98.02*, NCAA Graduation Report. Professor Tony Waldrop, Athletic Board Chair, stated that this information is being reported as required by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (Ncaa). There was no discussion.

03/30/98-10 Chancellor Aiken presented for information XTI.98.01*, First Report of the Senate Council ad hoc Tenure Issues Committee. Senator Don Uchtmann (Aces), Senate Council Vice-Chair and ad hoc Committee Chair, reported that this discussion draft is on the web, in today's Senate packet, and is being mailed to all faculty this week. He reiterated his call for comments by May 1, with an eye toward his committee submitting a report for action to Senate Council next fall and to the Senate during the 1998-99 academic year.

Uchtmann drew attention to Purpose 2 ("rejuvenation of underperforming faculty") in Section II (Tenure and the Underlying Purposes of "Post-Tenure Review"). He suggested that his committee is considering adding the qualifier of "re-direction" under this heading, for faculty who are not necessarily underperforming, but perhaps are in need of a change in research focus, for example.

He summarized the 5 policy options under Section III (Post-Tenure Review Policy Choices): 1) geared to the discharge of incompetent faculty, similar to systems at Michigan State (proposed) and Minnesota (operational); 2) geared to identify persons in need of rehabilitation or reward, similar to Iowa; 3) a mixed policy of remediation and sanctions, akin to Wisconsin and our proposed system; 4) a policy geared to periodic review of faculty evaluations, a relatively new idea; and 5) a standing-pat policy. He invited comments from the floor.

Senator Al Kagan (Libr) failed to see any problem with the current system to precipitate the need for this committee and its discussion of post-tenure review. Kaufman added that the current regimen of teaching, research, and service is already very rigorous, and he sees no reason for adjustments. Uchtmann replied that one of the charges of his committee is to determine if any problem exists with the current system. It is the committee's hope that campus comments will help them define a problem, if indeed one exists.

Schacht stated that the attempt to define a problem began with the Report of the Tenure Seminar, which described the problem as the defensibility of the tenure system to those outside academe. He believed we must be able to show that performance after tenure matters and is attended to; we want to be able to choose a system of our own making, before one is foisted upon us.

Donchin wanted to know if we are in the public relations business or in the business of managing tenure. He believed option 1 stated above (system geared toward the removal of incompetent faculty) is a clear abrogation of tenure. He asserted that strict merit reviews should be undertaken by units, and that the Provost has the tools at his disposal to engender enforcement of these reviews. Donchin further stated option 4 (geared to periodic review of faculty evaluations) sounded suspiciously like the system proposed in the Report of the Task Force on Productivity (Campus as Classroom), which was approved by the Senate in September, 1994.

Kagan thought the University Administration ought to shoulder the burden of proof and undergo a public relations campaign to show the public how hard faculty work. Schacht did not accept the characterization of the efforts of the ad hoc committee as "public relations"; he believed that faculty must work to shape the best system they can.

Reports of the Proceedings of other Meetings

Chancellor Aiken presented the following meeting reports:


03/30/98-11 SC.98.16*, February 12-13, 1998, R. L. Belford


03/30/98-12 HE.98.05*, January 23, 1998, W. McMahon


03/30/98-13 UP.98.02*, February 5, 1998, R. L. Belford

USC (G. Belford)

03/30/98-14 UC.98.04*, January 22, 1998

03/30/98-15 UC.98.05*, February 24, 1998

The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Robert C. Damrau, Senate Clerk

*Filed with the Senate Clerk and incorporated by reference in these Minutes.