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September 14, 1998

A regular meeting of the Urbana-Champaign Senate was called to order at 3:10 p.m., in Foellinger Auditorium, with Chancellor Michael Aiken presiding.

09/14/98-01/02 The minutes of the April 27, 1998, regular meetings and the special meeting of May 4, 1998, were approved as written.

Senator Richard Schacht (LAS), Chair of Senate Council, welcomed all to a new academic year. He announced that we begin the year with a new budgeting system and a new Provost and Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Richard Herman) prepared to join the campus community in mid-October. He acknowledged the exemplary work of Interim Provost Tom Mengler, who will return to his duties as Dean of the School of Law upon the arrival of Dr. Herman. The Senate responded with a round of applause for Interim Provost Mengler.

Schacht reported that Senate Council recently discussed the following:

Campus Budget Oversight Committee. The first CBOC is in place, and the Interim Provost has sent its members a letter of appointment and charge. The committee will be chaired by Donald Ort; other faculty members are Stephanie Alexander, Peter Barry, Peter Fritzsche, Wallace Hendricks, Lawrence Hubert, Gary Jackson, Miles Klein, Mark Kushner, James Peters, Linda Smith, and Paula Treichler. Its ex officio administrative members are Walt Tousey, Gene Barton, and Kathleen Pecknold.

Campus Library Policy Committee (CLPC). The CLPC will be chaired by Professor Philippe Tondeur and staffed by Associate Provost Gunsalus. Members of the committee are: May Berenbaum, Howard Jacobson, David Munson, Larry Neal, Robert Rich, Alex Scheeline, Karen Schmidt, Leslie Struble, Mary Stuart, Thomas Ward, Trudy Morritz and Maya Mehta.

University Librarian Search. Robert Wedgeworth, University Librarian, has announced his intention to retire in August 1999. Members of a search committee have been named: Tom Mengler, Chair; Lanny Arvan (Economics), Howard Birnbaum (Materials Science & Engineering), Robert Burger (Library), Tina Chrzastowski (Library), Leigh Estabrook (GSLIS), Bettina Francis (Entomology), Violet Harris (Curriculum & Instruction), Robert Johannsen (History), Vera Mitchell (Library), Carol Neely (English), Edward Shoben (Psychology), Paula Watson (Library), and Marc Keepper (Graduate Student).

Tenure Issues (TI) Committee. Council approved the appointment of new AFT Chair, Susan Larson, to serve on the TI Committee, to replace former AFT chair, Elizabeth Delacruz, who will be on sabbatical leave this year.

Conflicts of Commitment and Interest in Outside Teaching. Vice-President Manning appointed an ad hoc committee to examine the policy on Conflicts in Outside Teaching. The committee's recommendations were accepted by University Senates Conference (USC), with a separate recommendation sent to Manning regarding summer teaching, which has been referred to the senates by USC. Senate Council referred the matter to the Committees on General University Policy and Academic Freedom and Tenure, and asked for responses before the end of the fall semester.

Resolution on Use of Social Security Numbers. Council discussed the merits of this resolution, introduced by student David Piell, calling for the prohibition of the use of social security numbers of students, faculty and staff for identification purposes on campus. Associate Provost C. K. Gunsalus and Assistant Vice-President Rick King detailed extensive action taken to address the problems associated with the use of social security numbers as identifiers as well as to convert a number of campus systems to eliminate the use of social security numbers. Assured that the campus is addressing the problem with due diligence, Piell respectfully withdrew his resolution.

Resolution to Establish a Committee on Campus Grading Policies. This matter dovetailed into a request already on the Educational Policy Committee (EPC) agenda, and is expected to be resolved through the mechanisms of the EPC.

Multiple Year Contracts. Schacht reported that Senates Conference is working on proposed modifications to the Statutes to establish policy relative to multiple-year appointments. Once USC has finalized the proposal, it will be referred to the campus senates for study.

Schacht announced that the following senators agreed to serve as tellers: James L. Robinson (ACES), Nancy O'Brien (LIBR), David Piell (LAS), and Scott Martin (ACES).

The Chancellor deferred his remarks until the annual meeting of the faculty, which will begin immediately following today's Senate meeting. He invited all faculty and students in attendance to stay for the annual meeting.

Senator Robert Sala (LAS) stated he was having a problem getting the campus to correct a grade he received in a study abroad class last year which used number rather than letter grades. Chancellor Aiken suggested he contact his department head and the Provost, in that order, to facilitate a resolution.

Senator Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans (CBA), responding to Schacht's report on the use of social security numbers (SSN's), expressed his displeasure with the lack of progress made on this front in the twenty years he has been on campus. He also described a perceived glitch in the new library system, which may allow library staff to access SSN's for any member of the 45-library Illinois Library Computer Systems Office (ILCSO) system. Schacht responded that Gunsalus and King (see Senate Council report above) would be happy to provide details of the efforts of the campus and University to assuage his concerns.

09/14/98-03 The Chancellor presented for action EP.99.01*, Proposal to Eliminate the Cummings Center for Advertising Studies, College of Communications. Educational Policy Committee Vice-Chair Scott Martin (ACES) moved its approval.

09/14/98-04 By voice vote, the motion was approved.

The Chancellor presented the following for information:

09/14/98-05 SC.98.22*, Senate Council Action Regarding Membership on Standing Committees of the Senate (CC.99.03);
09/14/98-06 MC.98.01*, 1997-98 Annual Report of the Military Education Council;
09/14/98-07 XTI.99.01*, Report of the (ad hoc) Tenure Issues Committee

Schacht, speaking to SC.98.22, explained that Senate Council approved the two committee nominations (for Budget and University Student Life) on behalf of the Senate to enable the committees in question to begin work immediately upon the start of the fall semester. Speaking to XTI.99.01 in the absence of Donald Uchtmann, chair of the Tenure Issues Committee, Schacht described the accomplishments of the 1997-98 TI Committee, and its plans for the current year. He urged interested parties to send comments on this report to Chair Uchtmann.

The Chancellor presented the following meeting reports:
09/14/98-08 SC.98.20*, May 14, 1998, J. L. Robinson
09/14/98-09 SC.98.21*, June 10-11, 1998, K. E. Andersen
09/14/98-10 SC.98.23*, July 8-9, 1998, H. Von Gunden

FAC/IBHE (T. Weech)
09/14/98-11 HE.98.08*, May 28-29, 1998

09/14/98-12 UP.98.04*, June 4, 1998, R. L. Belford, J. L. Robinson

USC (G. Belford)
09/14/98-13 UC.98.07*, April 28, 1998
09/14/98-14 UC.98.08*, May 20, 1998
09/14/98-15 UC.98.09*, June 18, 1998
09/14/98-16 UC.98.10*, July 21, 1998

Speaking to SC.98.20, Senator Emanuel Donchin (LAS) took exception to the reference that some members of the Board of Trustees questioned the need for sabbaticals when "most faculty are on nine-month appointments and can use each summer to renew their research and teaching endeavors." Donchin asserted that the Board has no right to dictate to faculty what they should be doing during the summer months.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50 p.m.

Robert C. Damrau, Senate Clerk
*Filed with the Senate Clerk and incorporated by reference in these Minutes.