University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Senate

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Urbana-Champaign Senate
March 10, 2014
3:10 pm

Levis Center - 3rd Floor

I.   Call to Order—Chancellor Phyllis Wise
II.   Approval of MinutesFebruary 10, 2014
III.   Senate Executive Committee Report—Roy Campbell
IV.   Chancellor’s Remarks—Chancellor Phyllis Wise
V.   Questions/Discussion
VI.   Old Business
  A. Specialized Faculty Presentation
  SC.14.07 Draft of Provost's Communication for Specialized Faculty
  B. Fall 2013 Report of the MOOC Strategy Advisory Committee (MSAC)
Chuck Tucker, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Innovation
Laurie Kramer, Associate Dean of Academic Programs Laurie Kramer
  C. Current Benefits Issues (5 min.)
John Kindt, Chair, Senate Committee on Faculty and Academic Staff Benefits
  D. Reports
  FAC.13.01 2012-2013 Annual Report to the Senate C. Koslofsky
  HE.14.04 IBHE-FAC Report – December A. Aminmansour
  HE.14.05 IBHE-FAC Report – January A. Aminmansour
  SC.14.06 BOT Observer Report – September 12, 2013 C. Campbell
H. Hilton
G. Miller
  SUR.14.02 SURSMAC Report – January 13, 2014 H.F. (Bill) Williamson
John Kindt
VII.   Proposals
  SC.14.08 Resolution to Endorse the Guiding Principles of the “Draft Employment Guidelines for Specialized Faculty Holding Non-Tenure Positions”

Senate Executive Committee
(C. Campbell, Chair)

  CC.14.08 Nominations for Membership on Standing Committees of the Senate

Committee on Committees
(P. Kalita)

  SP.14.10 Proposed Revision to Election Rules for the Student Electorate

University Statutes and Senate Procedures
(W. Maher)

  EQ.14.02 Resolution for Support for Awareness of Women in Engineering 

Committee on Equal Opportunity and Inclusion
(H. Hilton)

VIII.   Current Benefits Issues (5 min.)
John Kindt, Chair, Senate Committee on Faculty and Academic Staff Benefits
IX.   Reports
  HE.14.06 IBHE-FAC Report – February 22, 2014 A. Aminmansour
X.   New Business
XI.   Adjournment


Please step to the microphone and identify yourself by college/department
when you address the Senate.


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