University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Senate

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*** For recording purposes, you must speak directly into the microphone and identify yourself by name and college/department when you address the Senate.

Reconvened Meeting
Senate of the Urbana-Champaign Campus
February 16, 2015
3:10 pm

Senate Packet


I.   Call to Order -  Provost Ilesanmi Adesida
II.   Senate Executive Committee Report- SEC Vice Chair Kim Graber
III.   Chancellor’s Remarks - Provost Ilesanmi Adesida
IV.   Questions/Discussion
V.   Proposals

Recommendations about Shared Governance and Academic Freedom
RS.15.06 Amended

B. McCall, N. Burbules, R. McCarthy, J. Tolliver



  RS.15.07 Concerns about Shared Governance and Academic Freedom

B. McCall & K. Sanders

VI.   Reports
  EP.15.39 Administrative Approvals – January 26, 2015 Educational Policy
(G. Miller)
  EP.15.40 Administrative Approvals – February 2, 2015 Educational Policy
(G. Miller)
  HE.15.04 FAC/IBHE Report – December 12, 2014 A. Aminmansour
  HE.15.05 FAC/IBHE Report – January 16, 2015 A. Aminmansour
  SC.15.07 BOT Observer Report – January 15, 2015 G. Miller
  SC.15.08 Hiring Policies and Procedures Review Committee Report Senate Executive Committee
(R. Campbell)
  UC.15.05 USC Report – December 12, 2014 J. Tolliver
  UC.15.06 USC Report – January 22, 2015 J. Tolliver
VII.   New Business
    Matters not included in the agenda may not be presented to the Senate without concurrence of a majority of the members present and voting.
VIII.   Adjournment