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Biographical Sketches of Faculty Nominees to the Athletic Board

Matthew B. Wheeler, Associate Professor, Animal Sciences, Director of Transgenic Animal Facility, Biotechnology Center, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Submitted by: Mildred Barnes Griggs, Dean of the College of Education

I nominate Professor Matthew Wheeler for a position on the UIUC Athletic Board. Professor Wheeler is currently filling a two-year, transitional appointment (1998-2000) on the Board and wants to continue. In this brief period of time, Professor Wheeler was elected Chair of the Athletic Board and is regarded as a strong leader. I consider it within the best interest of the UIUC for him to remain on the Board. This is a nomination for him to serve a four-year, full-term.

Professor Wheeler has served the Board in varied capacities and acquired a level of knowledge that enables him to function effectively. During his tenure on the Board, he served as a member of the Executive Committee, the CASA Committee, the Student Athlete Awards Banquet Committee, as Chair and Co-Chair of the Academic Progress and Eligibility Committee, and as a member of the NCAA Certification Committee to conduct the institutional self-study.

Professor Wheeler has a strong record of service and leadership to the University of Illinois. He currently serves as the Director of the Transgenic Animal Facility of the Biotechnology Center. He has served on numerous University (Faculty Senate appointee, Task Group on Instructional Laboratories Biotechnology Associate Director Search Committee, Quarantine Facility for Transgenic Mice Committee, Recombinant DNA and Biological Safety Committee), College of ACES (Animal Care Committee, Open House Committee), College of Veterinary Medicine (Food, Animal Medicine and Surgery Search Committee), Department of Animal Sciences (Research Committee, Curriculum Committee, UI-Online Committee, Recycling Committee, Space Allocation Committee, Chinese Swine Research Committee) national committees (Secretary and Chair, USDA Regional Project W-171 Technical Committee, USDA Animal Molecular Genetics Review Committee), and International (Chair and Editor, International Embryo Transfer Society Publications Committee).

Professor Wheeler has been the advisor for 13 graduate students (Master's and Ph.D.). He teaches four courses in reproductive/development biology and animal sciences, as well as contributing to the teaching of 12 other courses.

Professor Wheeler has been consistently rated as one of the Department of Animal Sciences' top teachers. As an example, this past semester, he was named to the Incomplete List of Faculty Ranked Excellent by Their Students. Further, he has been a finalist for the Oakley-Kunde Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education; named the Outstanding Faculty Advisor by the Minorities in Agricultural, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS) Association at the University of Illinois; and the recipient of the 1999 D. E. Becker Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and Counseling, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois.

Professor Wheeler holds four patents for his research in the area of gene transfer and transgenic livestock. He also has made other patentable disclosures to the RTMO. The goals of his research are: 1) to identify genes that regulate reproduction, lactation and growth; and 2) to develop methodologies to transfer and utilize these genes for the genetic improvement of livestock. I believe that Professor wheeler is a definite asset to the Board and should be allowed to continue for another four years.

Donald J. Wuebbles, Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

I am quite interested in becoming a faculty representative to the Athletic Board. There are several reasons for this interest: (1) I want to extend my involvement in furthering the excellence of the University and its programs, and (2) I have a long term interest and avocation for athletics and the athletic programs at the University of Illinois.

Relative to my qualifications for the Board, I bring extensive administrative and leadership experience. Until I resigned this summer, I was Director of the Environmental Council, which coordinates and facilitates education, research, and service on the environment across the entire campus. In this position, I was a member of the Council of Deans. In January, I will return to being Head of the Department of Atmospheric Science. I am also chair of a new committee at the University to increase the connections with the state surveys. As a scientist, in addition to my extensive publication record, I have often been chosen to be a leader in assessments and policy considerations connected to major national and international issues related to air pollution, the ozone layer and climate.

As Illinois alumni of the University with two degrees from UIUC, I have a strong understanding of the importance of our athletic programs as part of the student experience. Being an Illini has strong meaning to me. While never a gifted athlete, I participated in a number of intramural athletic activities while a student. Since then, I have continued to participate in athletics, particularly as a player, coach, and official in basketball and soccer. I also closely follow the Illini, attending most football, men's and women's basketball, women's volleyball, and women's soccer games and occasionally baseball, tennis and track events. In addition, I have closely followed and have a keen interest in the activities and politics within the Big Ten conference and the NCAA. I see the balance between academic and athletic achievement as continuing to be an important goal for our athletic programs.