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April 26, 1999

A reconvened meeting of the Urbana-Champaign Senate was called to order at 3:10 p.m., in Foellinger Auditorium, with Provost Richard Herman presiding, in the absence of Chancellor Michael Aiken.

Senator Richard Schacht (LAS), Chair of Senate Council, indicated that a proposed compromise amendment to the motion to adopt XTI.99.03 was distributed at the door. He also presented a motion on behalf of Senate Council to put GP.99.01, Conflicts of Commitment and Interest in Outside Teaching, back on the action agenda after consideration of XTI.99.03. The motion was approved by voice vote.

Schacht announced that the following senators agreed to serve as tellers: James L. Robinson (ACES), Jason Luther (ENGR), Heather Suchobrus (LAS), and Herman Krier (ENGR).

04/26/99-01 Provost Herman presented for approval XTI.99.03*, Recommendations of the ad hoc Tenure Issues Committee.

Senate Council Vice-Chair Donald Uchtmann (ACES), Chair of the Tenure Issues Committee, summarized the elements of the compromise amendments he co-sponsored (w/Sen. Portnoy), that were distributed at the door. The amendments focused on the nature of the broader review, the composition of the review committee, and added flexibility for the timing of the unit reviews.

Senator Stephen Portnoy (LAS) admitted to still holding some disagreements with the policy, but expressed his general support for the amendments, as distributed. He moved their approval.

Senator Emanuel Donchin (LAS) asked how the review of faculty with joint appointments would be handled under this policy. Uchtmann replied that the units involved would work out that arrangement.

By voice vote, the distributed amendments were approved.

Portnoy referred to published guidelines from the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) about the accessibility of personnel files, specifically those mentioned in section I.C.4. of the proposal. He thought subsequent review committees should not necessarily have access to such files. The Provost acknowledged his concerns and indicated that he would convey that caveat to parties involved.

Senator Jerome Packard (LAS) suggested that Uchtmann consider removing the reference to the annual review in the heading of section I.E., i.e., "UEO follow-up to the [annual or] broader review". Uchtmann replied that his committee felt the reference here was important enough to encompass follow-up to either type of review.

Senator Stephen Kaufman (MED) did not understand the necessity of this policy, and wondered if this is merely a result of succumbing to pressures of public accountability. Kaufman asked the Provost, who is charged with implementing this policy, if resources will be made available to units to implement the procedures embedded in the policy. Provost Herman confirmed that resources would be provided. Professor Geneva Belford (ENGR), member of the Tenure Issues Committee, added that resources needed should be minimal.

Senator Robert Rich (LAW) stated that he traveled to Springfield a great deal and could say unequivocally that our state legislators care deeply about this matter.

Senator Allan Levy (MED) moved to add the following language after the first sentence of section I.D.3.-"The (review) committee shall keep minutes of its meetings. Minutes shall include a list of members present. The committee shall keep all written comments received and incorporate them by reference into their minutes." Uchtmann replied that the review committee would not be conducting a disciplinary hearing, and he felt that Levy's amendment introduced an unnecessary level of detail into the process.

By voice vote, the amendment was defeated.

Senator Gregory Girolami (LAS) moved to amend the last sentence of section I.B. to read, in part, as follows: "…refers…to the advisory committee in a department organized with a head, [or] to equivalent bodies in other units, or a small committee elected by the unit faculty for the specific purpose of periodic review. Uchtmann expressed no difficulty with the amendment.

By voice vote, the amendment was approved.

Senator Nicholas Burbules (EDUC) related that he was hearing: 1) these proposed procedures are destructive, and 2) we already have them in place. He found the two statements incongruous. He believed that the policy was a reasonable response to some problems we have on this campus with insufficient means to address them.

Senator David Piell (LAS) moved to close debate.

By voice vote, the motion to close debate on XTI.99.03, as amended, was approved.

Senator Al Kagan (LIBR) asked the Presiding Officer to determine if a quorum was present. By count of the tellers, there were 88 senators present, short of the 100 required for a quorum. As a result, the meeting was adjourned at 4:20 p.m.

Schacht suggested that the Senate convene as a Committee of the Whole for purposes of receiving the information items remaining on the agenda. There was no objection.

The Provost presented the following reports for information of the Senate:

04/26/99-02 AB.99.02*, Update on the Academic Review System
04/26/99-03 SS.99.01*, Report of the Director of Admissions and Records on the Admission of Student-Athletes
04/26/99-04 SS.99.02*, Mandatory Assessment as a Result of Incapacitation Due to Alcohol Drug Use
04/26/99-05 AD.99.01*, Guidelines for Accepting College Credit Earned in High School
04/26/99-06 EP.99.20*, Resolution on the Distribution of Course Syllabi
04/26/99-07 SP.99.03*, University Intellectual Property Committee

Speaking to SS.99.02, Bill Riley, Dean of Students, and Dr. Philip Barkley, Director of the McKinley Health Center, described the formation of a task force by student affairs two years ago to address the problem of student underage drinking and alcohol poisoning. Riley added that on average 1-2 students per week are sent to local hospitals due to the latter condition. Barkley stated this policy serves to assess/interview a student who may be incapacitated due to drug/alcohol use, but stressed that it is not a treatment program.

Speaking to EP.99.20, Professor R. Linn Belford, Chair of Educational Policy, explained that Educational Policy has fulfilled its Senate requirement by reporting on this issue today. He emphasized that his committee declined to recommend any action, but rather decided to provide the Senate with an informational report on its position.

Provost Herman presented the following reports of other meetings:

04/26/99-08 SC.99.11*, BOT, March 3-4, G. Belford
04/26/99-09 HE.99.07*, FAC/IBHE, March 26, T. Weech
04/26/99-10 UC.99.05*, USC, February 17, G. Belford

The Presiding Officer presented the following committee annual reports:

04/26/99-11 SC.99.14*, Senate Council
04/26/99-12 AF.99.04*, Academic Freedom and Tenure
04/26/99-13 BG.99.07*, Budget
04/26/99-14 CO.99.01*, Campus Operations
04/26/99-15 CC.99.10*, Committee on Committees
04/26/99-16 CG.99.01*, Conference on Conduct Governance
04/26/99-17 PS.99.01*, Continuing Education and Public Service
04/26/99-18 EP.99.24*, Educational Policy
04/26/99-19 EQ.99.01*, Equal Opportunity
04/26/99-20 FB.99.03*, Faculty Benefits
04/26/99-21 GP.99.08*, General University Policy
04/26/99-22 HD.99.02*, Honorary Degrees
04/26/99-23 LB.99.03*, Library
04/26/99-24 SL.99.01*, University Student Life
04/26/99-25 SP.99.10*, University Statutes and Senate Procedures

The Senate agreed to rise and report for purposes of exiting the Committee of the Whole.

Robert C. Damrau, Senate Clerk
*Filed with the Senate Clerk and incorporated by reference in these Minutes.