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September 27, 1999

A regular meeting of the Urbana-Champaign Senate was called to order at 3:10 p.m., in Foellinger Auditorium, with Chancellor Michael Aiken presiding.

09/27/99-01 Minutes of the April 19, April 26, and May 3, 1999, meetings were approved as written.

Senator Robert Rich (LAW), Chair of Senate Council, indicated that floor privileges were requested for the following individuals, and he moved that such privileges be granted, to speak to SP.00.05, Proposed Amendments to the Statutes, Article II, Section 4 - Faculty Advisory Committee: Professor Harold Diamond, FAC Chair; to speak to Educational Policy proposals related to the reorganization of the School of Life Sciences (EP.99.26 through EP.99.30): Fred Delcomyn, Assoc. Director of the proposed School of Integrative Biology, Charles Miller, Assoc. Director of the proposed School of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Richard Gumport, Professor and Assoc. Head, Dept. of Biochemistry, LAS Deans - James Kirkpatrick, Emily Peck, Ann Mester, and Ed Brown, and SOLS Executive Officers - Phil Best, May Berenbaum, John Cheeseman, John Gerlt, Martha Gillette, Scott Robinson, and John Cronan. There was no objection to the extension of floor privileges to any of the above individuals.

Rich also alerted the Senate to three handouts distributed at the door: 1) page iv of the April 19, 1999, Senate minutes, inadvertently omitted from the packet, 2) CC.00.03, Nominations for Membership on the Fifth Senate Review Commission, and 3) a copy of the agenda for the Annual Faculty Meeting, which will immediately follow this senate meeting. He deferred further remarks until the Annual Faculty Meeting.

Rich announced that the following senators agreed to serve as tellers: Steve Seitz (LAS), Brandon McKinney (LAS), Peter Loeb (LAS), and Steve Aragon (EDUC).

Chancellor Aiken spoke to the proposed Parental Notification Policy, which would allow the University to notify parents of students under the age of 21 when the students are arrested for alcohol and drug offenses in violation of Federal, State, or local law, and in violation of any campus rule or policy. He acknowledged the concerns of students, but he emphasized that the process for the implementation of such a policy is still being defined; he invited Pat Askew, Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs (VCSA), to provide further information.

Vice-Chancellor Askew explained that a steering committee has been meeting to outline/define the aforementioned process of implementing the Parental Notification Policy. She added that, according to Dean of Students Bill Riley, there were only six (6) instances of parents being notified in the past year. The VCSA also cited the use of Alcohol 101, an interactive CD-ROM which mimics the effects of alcohol consumption, and an upcoming survey of students to discern the extent of alcohol/drug use on campus, as examples of ways that Student Affairs is working to address these important issues.

The Chancellor then wished to express his concern about the recent increased incidences of incivility on this campus, namely, the Benjamin Smith shootings (1 student wounded here), the distribution of hate fliers at the Law Building, and the racist e-mail recently targeted toward many minority students. He stressed that such intolerant behavior will be dealt with swiftly and vigorously on this campus.

Senator Al Kagan (LIBR) welcomed the Chancellor's comments about the need for "zero tolerance" of racist activities on campus. He then asked Geneva Belford (ENGR), outgoing Chair of the University Senates Conference (USC), if the Urbana Senate will have another look at the document referred to by USC as ST-30 (Sanctions Short of Dismissal) before USC sends its compromise statutory language to the Board of Trustees (BOT). Belford agreed that a copy should be provided for information at the next Senate meeting. A motion to that effect was subsequently approved.

Senator Stephen Kaufman (MED) shared the Chancellor's anti-racist concerns, but he felt the campus sends mixed messages when the Chief continues to perform at athletic events. Referring to SC.00.05 (Report of the Sept. 1-2, 1999, BOT Meeting), Kaufman also noted that two trustees abstained from voting on the appointment of the Head of UIC's Women's Studies Program, citing concerns about the head's focus on gay and lesbian issues.

Senator Heidi Von Gunden (FAA) characterized the events described by the Chancellor as more than incivility; she believed that stronger language and action will be needed to address this problem.

Hearing no objection, Chancellor Aiken declared the following proposals approved by unanimous consent:
09/27/99-02 EP.99.26*, Proposal for the Reorganization of the Biological Sciences in LAS,
09/27/99-03 EP.99.27*, Proposal for the Formation of a School of Integrative Biology in LAS,
09/27/99-04 EP.99.28*, Proposal for the Formation of a School of Molecular and Cellular Biology in LAS,
09/27/99-05 EP.99.29*, Proposal to Change the Name of the Department of Ecology, Ethology and Evolution to the Department of Animal Biology,
09/27/99-06 EP.99.30*, Proposal for the Formation of a Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

09/27/99-07 The Chancellor presented for action SC.00.03*, Resolution of Appreciation for Professor Richard Schacht. Senator Rich presented the resolution to Professor Schacht on behalf of the Senate Council, acknowledging his outstanding leadership during his two years as Senate Council Chair.

09/27/99-08 SC.00.03 was approved by acclamation. The Senate also responded with an enthusiastic round of applause.

09/27/99-09 Chancellor Aiken presented for action SC.00.04/GP.98.08*, Resolution on Faculty Representation to the Board of Trustees. Senator Steve Seitz, Chair of the General University Policy Committee (GUP), described the intention of this resolution as an attempt to increase faculty involvement in meetings of the Board of Trustees (BOT).

Senator Esther Portnoy (LAS) moved to amend the resolution to state that the Urbana faculty representative to the BOT would be a faculty member elected at-large by the faculty, and would not automatically be the Senate Council Chair.

Senator Richard Schacht (LAS) urged senators to vote down the amendment, citing the appropriateness of the Council Chair in the eyes of the President and the Trustees. The Senate Council Chair is seen as being uniquely knowledgeable about Senate and other matters.

Senator Kagan spoke in favor of the amendment as being the most democratic. Senator Kaufman thought the resolution as written placed too much power in the hands of the Senate Committee on Committees, since they prepare nominations for the Senate Council Chair/Vice-Chair; he called for a yes vote on the amendment. Senator Terry Weech (LISC) urged the Senate to reject the amendment; he believed that once the Board became comfortable with a faculty presence "at the table", we could revisit our selection process.

By show of hands (68-67), the amendment passed.

Senator Wes Seitz (ACES) moved to refer the amended document back to GUP to clarify voting and election procedures, etc.

By show of hands (52-79), the motion to refer back to committee was lost.

09/27/99-10 By show of hands, SC.00.04/GP.98.08 was approved, as amended.

09/27/99-11 The Chancellor presented for action CC.00.04*, Nominations for Membership on Standing Committees of the Senate. There were no floor nominations and nominations were declared closed.

09/27/99-12 By voice vote, the nominations were approved.

Senator Rich moved that in accord with the Senate Constitution (Article V, Section 9), a Fifth Senate Review Commission (SRC) be established. Rich will draft a charge letter to the SRC, which will include a request that they provide an interim report to the Senate in February 2000 and a final report in April 2000. The Senate approved the motion by voice vote.

09/27/99-13 Chancellor Aiken presented for action CC.00.03*, Nominations for Membership on the Fifth Senate Review Commission. There were no floor nominations and nominations were declared closed.

09/27/99-14 By voice vote, the nominations were approved.

09/27/99-15 Chancellor Aiken presented for information/first reading SP.98.03*, Proposed Amendment to the Statutes-Article VII Section 5 to Rename the Cooperative Extension Service to University of Illinois Extension. Senator Robert Fossum (LAS), Statutes Committee Chair, explained that this revision came about as a request from the College of ACES, to reflect current usage. Fossum reminded the Senate that since revisions to the Statutes require two readings, this item (and the two following items) will appear on the next Senate agenda for second reading and approval.

09/27/99-16 The Chancellor presented for information/first reading SP.99.07*, Statutes and Reschooling of Academic Units within a College. Senator Fossum characterized this revision as an attempt to clarify which section of the Statutes is applicable in the instance of a change (transfer, etc.) in unit within a college.

09/27/99-17 Chancellor Aiken presented for information/first reading SP.00.05*, Proposed Amendments to the Statutes-Article II Section 4 - Faculty Advisory Committee. Senator Fossum stated this statutory change came from the Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC), to permit only tenured faculty to serve on the FAC.

09/27/99-18 The Chancellor presented for action SP.99.11*, Election of Senate Council Chair and Vice-Chair. Senator Fossum described this revision as a way to simplify the work of the Committee on Committees, by allowing them to recruit separate nominations for Chair and Vice-Chair of Senate Council. He moved its approval.

09/27/99-19 By voice vote, SP.99.11 was approved.

09/27/99-20 Chancellor Aiken presented for action SP.99.12*, Proposed Revisions to the Bylaws Part A.2 - Meetings. Fossum explained that the Senate has been in violation of its Bylaws by not holding meetings "monthly" during the academic year. This amendment will simply reflect current practice (3 meetings each semester). He moved its approval.

09/27/99-21 By voice vote, SP.99.12 was approved.

09/27/99-22 The Chancellor presented for action SP.00.03*, Proposed Revisions to the Bylaws Part D.10.(b) - Committee on Educational Policy, Membership. Fossum reported that the Educational Policy Committee (EPC) requested this revision as a means to codify EPC service by graduate students. He moved its approval.

Senator H. F. Williamson (CBA) offered a "friendly amendment" to help distinguish the number and type of students needed for the Educational Policy Committee, to wit: "Five students, of whom at least one shall be a graduate student, at least two shall be undergraduate students, and no more than one shall be a professional student." Fossum felt Williamson's amendment was implied in the existing language and he did not accept his amendment.

Senator Lawrence Tabone (LAS) believed that it is difficult to find graduate/professional students to fill both Senate and Senate committee seats. He urged senators to vote down this proposal.

Senator Schacht moved to "officially" amend the document in the same manner as Senator Williamson had previously requested.

By show of hands, the amendment was approved.

09/27/99-23 By show of hands, SP.00.03 was approved, as amended.

09/27/99-24 The Chancellor presented for action SP.00.04*, Proposed Changes to Election Rules for Faculty Senators. Fossum described this proposal as housekeeping in nature, simply replacing reference to the defunct Senate Committee on Elections and Credentials (SECC) with the Senate Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures (USSP). He moved its approval.

09/27/99-25 By voice vote, SP.00.04 was approved.

Chancellor Aiken presented the following meeting reports:
09/27/99-26 SC.99.15*, BOT, April 14-15, 1999, K. E. Andersen
09/27/99-27 SC.99.17*, BOT, May 25-26, 1999, H. Von Gunden
09/27/99-28 SC.99.16*, BOT, July 7-8, 1999, R. Schacht; G. Belford
09/27/99-29 SC.00.05*, BOT, September 1-2, 1999, K. E. Andersen
09/27/99-30 HE.99.08*, FAC/IBHE, April 30, 1999, T. Weech
09/27/99-31 HE.99.09*, FAC/IBHE, May 21, 1999, R. Fossum
09/27/99-32 HE.99.10*, FAC/IBHE, June 25, 1999, R. Fossum
09/27/99-33 UC.99.07*, USC, April 21, 1999, G. Belford
09/27/99-34 UC.99.08*, USC, May 11, 1999, G. Belford
09/27/99-35 UC.99.09*, USC, June 15, 1999, G. Belford
09/27/99-36 UC.99.10*, USC, July 14, 1999, G. Belford

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

Robert C. Damrau, Senate Clerk
*Filed with the Senate Clerk and incorporated by reference in these Minutes.