University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Senate

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Be it resolved that the UIUC Senate request the President of the University, the Chancellor of

the UIUC campus, and the Advisory Committee appointed by the Chancellor, to

communicate to the funders of what has been variously referred to as the Academy or the Fund 

on  Capitalism and Limited Government that it is the sense of the  UIUC Senate that:


(1)  the  funders change  the name of  the Fund to the more general  name, the Fund for the

Study of  the Relationship Between Government  and the Economy,


(2) the ideologically motivated  curricular transformations articulated in Mr. O’Laughlin’s

Commentary in the News-Gazette and in the Fund’s own brochure on the website be

disavowed, and


(3) there be no political or  ideological litmus tests attached to the recruitment of faculty or

grants from the funds, indeed that  any such fund itself reflect the diversity of viewpoints for

which the funders claim to be striving.

Senator Belden Fields (LAS 18-1)
October 1, 2007