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U n i v e r s i t y   o f   I l l i n o i s
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College of Law
228 Law Building, MC-594
504 East Pennsylvania Avenue
Champaign, IL  61820

Thomas S. Ulen
Swanlund Chair and Professor of Law
October 29, 2007

Chancellor Richard Herman
Office of the Chancellor
317 Swanlund Administration Building
601 E. John St.
Champaign, IL 61820

Dear Chancellor Herman: 

            Please find attached the Report of the Advisory Committee on the Academy on Capitalism and Limited Government Fund.  All the members of the Committee, listed on the next page, have participated in the deliberations regarding the Report and in its writing, and we all endorse its recommendations. 

            We also strongly endorse the widest circulation of the Report that you deem to be appropriate. 

            Finally, thank you for your leadership and for putting your trust in us to advise you on this matter.  We all stand ready to help you with this matter further. 


All the very best wishes,  




C:         Members of the Advisory Committee on the Academy on Capitalism and Limited  Government Fund

Thomas S. Ulen, Chair
            Swanlund Chair and Professor of Law, College of Law

Matthew W. Finkin
            Albert J. Harno and Edward W. Cleary Chair in Law, College of Law

Robert Fossum,
            Professor, Department of Mathematics

Barclay Jones,
            Professor, Department of Nuclear, Plasma & Radiological Engineering

William Maher,
            University Archivist, Professor of Library Administration

Justin Randall,
            Student Body President, Department of Political Science

Joyce Tolliver,
            Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese

Kathy Young,
            Director, Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Administration