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Proposed Considerations in Evaluating
Electronic Scholarly Publications for Tenure

A. The Issues

In considering electronic publications, the following issues are of significance

1. Quality of the Publication: The work should be refereed and edited at least at the same level as print publications. Some specific relevant questions are as follows.

2. Additional Efforts/Expertise Needed for Electronic Publication: Often publication of certain material such as CD-ROM's and electronic books require substantial time commitments to develop new skills in areas such as imaging, multimedia, and other technologies.

3. Sustainability of the Work: Sustainability of the work may be considered as a factor in evaluating electronic publications. Specifically, the following issues may be taken into account.

B. Recommendations

The following recommendations are made by the Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Tenure for further work in establishing guidelines for this area:

1. Conduct a Survey: It is recommended that a survey of all academic units be conducted to collect more information about the current status of evaluating electronic publications. Sample questions are.

2. Draft Suggested Guidelines: Based on the results of the survey, the Committee on AF&T may wish to have further committee discussions then draft final suggested guidelines for the SE