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March 9, 1998



Committee on Committees

(Final -Action)

CC.98.13 Senate Approval for Selection of Athletic Board Nominees


Due to the UIUC Senate endorsement of revisions to the Athletic Board membership at the February 9 Senate meeting, two additional faculty nominees will be presented to the Senate for approval to forward to the Chancellor for filling one additional faculty position. This will be for a two-year term.

The original slate of four was designated to fill two four-year terms, and the second slate of two was designated to fill one two-year term. The recommended change would provide the Chancellor with the latitude to select any two faculty members from the entire pool of six for the four-year terms and any one faculty member from the entire pool for a two-year term.


In the interest of providing the Chancellor with the widest selection of faculty for the three faculty positions on the Athletic Board, the Committee on Committees recommends that the Chancellor be allowed to select any three faculty from the slate of six presented to him.

Committee on Committees

Nancy O’Brien, Chair

Kim Aichele

May R. Berenbaum

Timothy Butler

Tom R. Ward

Cynthia Wilson

Richard E. Ziegler