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March 30, 1998



Conference on Conduct Governance

(Final - Action)

CG.98.01 Proposed Revision in Rule 83 of the Code of Policies and Regulations Applying to all Students: Evening, Midterm and Hourly Examinations—All Students

Background: This revision in Section E of Rule 83 is intended to clarify the policies for determining the circumstances under which conflict or make up examinations should be arranged for evening examinations; that is, those examinations given at times other than during regular class periods. Section E. 1 describes how priority is determined among these examinations. It is intended to state that all such examinations announced on the first day of class have equal priority.

Some departments are not interpreting the current version in this fashion. Instead, they feel that courses which make announcements prior to the first day of class such as in the Timetable have established priority over courses which make this announcement on the first day of class. The result has been confusion for instructors and students and conflicts between faculty over who has priority.

This revision is not a criticism of the policy of placing proposed dates for evening examinations in the Timetable. This can provide useful information to students. We do not feel, though, that all courses should be required to do this in order to have equal priority. One reason is that not all faculty are in a position to accomplish this. For example, teaching assignments may be made well after the Timetable is published. A second reason is that evening examination dates are not guaranteed when the Timetable is published since it is not always possible for the Office for Project Planning and Facility Management (OPPFM) to give an instructor his or her first choice of date. For the fall semester, for example, the Timetable appears during the spring semester, but room assignments are not confirmed until after June 1.

The proposed revision has been reviewed by the Provost's Office (Associate Provost Roger Martin), the Educational Policy Committee (Chair Linn Belford), and the OPPFM (Trudy Gordon). Each has endorsed this revision.

Conference on Conduct Governance

Carl Jones, Chair
Daniel Blake
Nicholas Burbules
Brian Carlson
Dale Carruthers
William Fierke
Michael Fournier
Richard Justice
Laura Kotelman
Mary Lancaster
Ingrid Lichtenfeld
Antonietta Marongiu
Maryline Parca
Edward Slazinik
H. F. Williamson
Thomas Winstead

Proposed Revision in Rule 83 of the Code of Policies and Regulations Applying to all Students: Evening, Midterm and Hourly Examinations—All Students

(Text to be deleted is in {curved brackets}; text to be added is underscored.)

E. Conflict or makeup examinations must be arranged for those students who cannot take the scheduled evening examination because of the conflicts arising from participation in any of the following activities:

1. Other examinations, including special examinations, scheduled at a prior date. Priority will be given to the examination announced in class the earliest in the semester. {(In the case of two examinations being held at the same time and when it cannot be determined which instructor announced his or her examination first [e.g., both examinations announced the first day of class],} If the two (or more) examinations being held at the same time were announced on the first day of class of each course, conflict and makeup examinations will be offered by the instructors of all of these {both} courses and the students may choose which conflict or makeup examinations they wish to take.{)}

2. Regularly scheduled performances or rehearsals.

3. Regularly scheduled classes, including kinesiology and military.

4. Sickness, regular employment, or other extenuating circumstances. Appeal of an instructor's decision regarding the legitimacy of an excused absence may be made to the dean of the college.