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April 26, 2004


Committee on Campus Operations
( Final - Information)

CO.04.02 2003-2004 Annual Report

As of the drafting of this report, the Senate Committee on Campus Operations (SCCO) had met seven times during the 2003-2004 academic year; an additional meeting is scheduled for May. Some of the issues before the SCCO were carried over from previous years. These issues include campustown improvements, campus safety and crime prevention, the South Farms Project, oversight of campus classroom and laboratory remodeling and renovations, classroom reassignment, campus parking, and the Research Park.

Recent issues include traffic flow on Wright Street, Proximity Parking, Campus Security Analysis, Recreation Facilities, Airport Facilities/Jet Service, ERP Implementation/Banner System, the duration of construction projects on Campus, pedestrian traffic, deferred maintenance, and campus quality of life, and its use for attracting the best possible students, faculty and staff.

The Committee will send a Prefiled Resolution to the April 26 Senate meeting (CO.04.01, Resolution Regarding UIUC Parking Policies).
Invited guests included Pam Voitik, Director of Campus Services, Facilities and Services; Police Lieutenant Jeff Christensen, Division of Public Safety; Jesse “Tony” Clements, Director, Division of Campus Recreation; David Ruzic, Chair, UI Integrate Faculty Advisory Committee; Margaret Krol, Assistant Vice President, ERP Implementation, UI Integrate; Linda Bair, Director of Decision Support; and Stan Henderson, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management and Director of Admissions and Records.
Liaison Members to Several Campus Committees
Public Safety Advisory Committee

Henrique Reis
Facilities and Services Advisory Committee

Michael Andrejasich
Facilities Planning Committee

Michael Andrejasich
Information Technology

George Francis
Parking/Transportation Committee

Tom Overbye and Henrique Reis
The Following is a list of speakers for 2003-2004:
“Proximity Parking Rates”

Pamela Voitik, Director of Campus Services, Facilities and Services
Voitik reported that her office is looking into the concept of Proximity Based Parking; other users of Proximity Based Systems include The Ohio State University, Purdue University and the University of Michigan. Voitik gave a brief overview of the proposed system pointing out that the model criteria must provide revenue certainty; it must be self-sufficient and capable of paying back the bond issue. It must also be fraud resistant; some systems are easy to beat, making it simple to produce counterfeit parking permits.

Proximity parking would require UIUC to set a number of zones and zone sizes, a target rate and minimum rate difference. It would be mandatory that these zones be building specific. The model also considers the current usage patterns and minimum feasible base rate. The committee members shared their concerns and observations; some were skeptical that such a system would work and suggested alternatives.
“Campus Security Analysis”

Police Lieutenant Jeff Christensen, Division of Public Safety; and Oliver J. Clark, Executive Director, Division of Public Safety
Christensen reported that the Division faces many challenges as there are a huge amount of computer crimes: theft of data, pornography, etc. As a result of September 11 (2001), Illinois and Georgia are the most prepared states against terrorism. The Department of Justice and the FBI were on Campus for two days to provide training for dealing with weapons of mass destruction. They worked with Facilities and Services to perform building site surveys checked security locks, looked for overgrown vegetation near buildings, etc. He thought everyone should be responsible for observing goings-on around campus and notifying the authorities of any suspicious individuals. Christensen reported that new street signs have been installed in the crosswalk at Goodwin and Illinois Streets helping to make the crosswalk safer.

Recreation Facilities
Jesse “Tony” Clements, Director, Division of Campus Recreation
Clements reported that three years ago his office referred with student focus groups to see what they wanted and needed in the way of recreation facilities. The new facilities will reflect these responses. Also, his staff has traveled all over the country to evaluate facility projects in an effort to give students the very best. Clements pointed out that this is a renovation project, not a new building. The new CRCE building will offer a one-eighth of a mile track, a three-court basketball gym, a multi-activity court, 10,000 square feet of fitness space and a leisure pool. When CRCE is finished it will be 110,000 square feet, about three times larger than the current facility. When the IMPE renovations are finished in about two years, the facility will feature a one-sixth of a mile track, 13 basketball courts, eight multi-purpose rooms, 32,000 square feet of fitness space, a glass-encased climbing wall, a 150-seat auditorium, indoor soccer field, instructional kitchen, an expanded SportWell Center, a juice bar and pro shop. A wall with TVs will broadcast activities going on in the facility.

David Ruzic, Chair, UI Integrate Faculty Advisory Committee
Ruzic reported that all business for fall 2004 will be done on the new Banner System and student class lists will be available. There are concerns regarding the next “Go Live” as payroll goes into effect next month, however, effective January 11, all personnel will be able to go online and locate their payroll check for January 15. Banner will contain multi-layered security whereby faculty members will be permitted to access the records of only the students that they teach.
“Airport Facilities/Jet Service”

Steve Schomberg, Vice Chancellor for Public Engagement & Institutional Relations
Schomberg reported that he was asked to prepare an airport study without hiring a consultant firm; the biggest concern was airfares to compete with Bloomington and Indianapolis. After September 11 (2001), Delta Airlines had pulled back from expansion; discussion on this issue has begun again but expansion is contingent on whether or not Champaign can meet monetary requirements. Willard Airport is one of few university owned airports in the nation

. The area business community wants this airport desperately as it is a nuisance to drive to Bloomington. There are plans to build a new FAA Air Traffic Control Tower by next year; the old tower, built in the 1960’s, started with ten employees and now has more than forty employees. Delta Airlines should offer service by May of 2004.
Margaret Krol, Assistant Vice President, ERP Implementation, Administrative Information Technology Services

Presentation/Discussion on Banner System
Ms. Krol gave an update of ERP Implementation/Banner System. Committee members shared many of their frustrations and concerns.
Linda Bair, Director of Decision Support, and Stan Henderson, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management and Director of Admissions and Records

Presentation/Discussion on Banner System
Ms. Bair presented an overview of the new Banner system. She explained that Decision Support is a unit in Planning and Budgeting that works closely with the UI-Integrate project to capture data from Banner, make data available in a form optimized for reporting, serve colleges and departments as well as central units and provide services to increase usage of data (training, documentation, data education, user groups, etc.). Its goal is to add value to raw data, maintain data quality, reduce duplication of effort in colleges and departments and be responsible to college and departmental needs.

This is done by building a Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse is like a Library as it receives, organizes and stores data from multiple sources.
Henderson presented the user perspective saying that the Data Warehouse is changing the culture of how we receive and use the data available. He reported that there have been transition difficulties with Banner resulting from some failures during the development phase but the Office of Admissions and Records is working through them.
Reports by Jack Dempsey, Executive Director of Facilities and Services
Dempsey kept the committee informed on many construction projects on campus and their duration as follows:

· The Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science ($80 million project)

· The Chilled Water Project

· Construction in front of the Henry Administration Building to build a plaza platform

· The University will soon hire a consultant and developer to renovate the Orchard Downs complex (160 acres)

· The Research Park may be providing a building to house the Illinois Natural History Survey.

· On the corner of Sixth and Green Streets, site of the old Wendy’s Restaurant, the City of Champaign has agreed to build a new high-rise to include retail space, parking and housing.

· Dempsey referred to the Campus Master Plan, UIUC’s negotiations with the City of Urbana and intention to take it to the Board of Trustees in July. There are decisions to make regarding the Old Donut Shop property at the corner of Lincoln and University Streets; USGS (Geological Survey) plans to move into the first floor of the new north campus parking garage; retail space is planned for the Clark Street side of the parking garage; retail space is also planned for the corner of Green and First Streets, location of the former Wendy’s Restaurant; and a new hotel and restaurant is planned on St. Mary’s Road, south of the Assembly Hall.
Siebel Center for Computer Science Building Tour
At the April meeting, Richard Henderson provided the Committee with a tour of the Siebel Center for Computer Science.

. Senate Committee on Campus Operations

Henrique Reis, Chair
George Francis
Chris Mullen
Michael J. Andrejasich
William Gaines
Tom Overbye
Zachary Borders
H. Rex Gaskins
Kathe Munz Shinham, ex officio*
John G. Dempsey, ex officio*
John Lammers
Glen Whitmer
Nancy Fisher

*Denotes non-voting status