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DATE: February 1, 2000

TO: UIUC Senate (for Information)

FROM: Raymond M. Leuthold, Chair Senate Educational Policy

RE: Distribution of Seats on the General Education Board Across Colleges (EP.00.05)

EP.89.09, dated May 8, 1989 established a set of guidelines for the membership of the General Education Board. Section II.C.3 states that "The proper distribution of seats on the General Education Board will be subject to revision by the Senate as enrollment trends change and additional colleges assume responsibility for General Education courses."

Since recommendations of members to the General Education Board are reported to the Senate by the Senate Educational Policy Committee (EPC), EPC undertook the task to review this issue. We note that the original guidelines provided in EP.89.09 were not clearly stated regarding which criteria to apply in determining the distribution of members across colleges. However, EPC studied the guidelines and reviewed enrollment numbers and course offerings data for the campus for 1998-99. EPC has determined that there is no reason at this time to change the distribution of seats as currently established on the General Education Board.


c: A. Guibbory, Chair, General Education Board