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April 26, 2004



Prefiled Resolution

(Final - Action)

FB.04.03 Resolution on Parking Policies

Whereas, In many institutions and industries, parking is offered to employees at no cost or at considerably lower rates than at UIUC; and

Whereas, Any changes in parking fees should continue the policy of generating current levels of revenues for maintaining such facilities; and

Whereas, Vehicles housed in parking structures enjoy year round protection from the elements as opposed to those parked in open lots; and

Whereas, It is necessary for many faculty and staff to park in close proximity to the building where they work to be able to take care of their children, run errands, among others, and since there are large differences in salaries;

Be it resolved by the UIUC Senate that

1.Rates for any parking plan be set to only generate the current total parking fee revenue.

2. Parking in structures be at a higher rate than outside parking.

3.Differential parking rates, in three or four tiers, based on annual faculty, academic professional and staff incomes be initiated.

4.Parking fees not be based on proximity.

Senate Committee on Faculty Benefits
Norman Denzin, Chair
Jenny Barrett
Susan Cole
Harry Hilton
Alfred Kagan
Kazimierz Machala
James Davito, Ex officio
Anne Jennings, Ex officio (designee)
Terry Jobin, Observer
Mary Ellen O’Shaughnessey, Ex officio (designee)
Ronald Peters, Ex officio
Judy Rathgeber, Ex officio (designee)
Wesley Seitz, Ex officio