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February 14, 2000


Committee on the Library

LB.00.02 Library Budget for FY01

Whereas the state and campus budget for the Library for FY00 is $25,941,691, including $1,000,000 in temporary funding, and

Whereas the Senate Committee on the Library has examined the Library's proposed budget for FY01 and found it to be commendable in its vision and proposed service to the campus, and

Whereas the proposed budget increase is consistent with last year's Senate Resolution on the Library (LB.99.02, recommending a total budget of $45,000,000 by FY 2004), and

Whereas the Library has requested a budget increase from the campus for collections, personnel, and operations of $2,730,000, plus making FY00's $1,000,000 temporary budget increase permanent, and

Whereas the IBHE has separately recommended an increase of $1,723,200 for collections and technology directly funded by the state, and

Whereas, if all these requested funds are allocated, the total Library budget for FY01 would be $30,394,891,

Be it resolved: The Senate supports the requested budget increase for the Library for FY01.

Senate Committee on the Library
Alex Scheeline, Chair
Tony Kaufman
Peter W. Sauer
Bettina M. Francis
Rene Mueller
Christopher Silver
Molly Haugen
Michael Murphy
Linda C. Smith
Paula Kaufman (ex officio)
F. Adele Proctor
Leslie Struble