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January 21, 1998


Senate Council

SC.98.13 Procedures for the Election of Faculty and Students to Serve on the Search Committee for a Provost and Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs


In moving approval of a procedure for the election of candidates to serve on the Search Committee for a Provost and Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Council calls attention to the following excerpt from Article V, Section 11 of the Senate Constitution:

When the Senate selects members of a search committee, faculty senators shall nominate and elect faculty members of the committee and student members shall nominate and elect student members of the committee in separate votes.

The following procedures accord with those used in selecting previous search committees.


1. Nominations

The Committee on Committees will present slates of faculty and student nominees. Further nominations may be made from the floor, but they must be accompanied by the nominee's signed statement of willingness to serve if elected. The statement shall be dated and include the name of the committee position to be filled. If present, the nominee's oral statement will suffice.

2. Balloting

Votes shall be cast separately on paper ballots for faculty, graduate/professional student, and undergraduate student positions, with faculty senators alone voting for faculty candidates, and student senators alone voting for student candidates.

Each senator shall be eligible to cast as many noncumulative votes as there are positions to be filled in the category specified.

A majority of votes cast shall be required to elect candidates on the first ballot. If a run-off ballot is required, the ballot shall include the names of the candidates receiving the most votes down to one more name than the number of vacancies to be filled. However, if there is a tie among those receiving the least votes warranting inclusion on a run-off ballot, then all such names shall be included. A plurality shall be sufficient to elect on the run-off ballot.

Senate Council
Richard Schacht, Chair
Donald L. Uchtmann, Vice-Chair
Geneva Belford
R. Linn Belford
Jamie Berman
H. George Friedman
Michael Grossman
Benjamin Halperin
Carl Jones
Walter McMahon
Nancy O'Brien
James L. Robinson
Michelle Svetlic
Heidi Von Gunden