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April 26, 2010


Committee on University Student Life
(Final; Information)

SL.10.02          2009-10 Annual Report

            The following report summarizes the activities of the Senate Committee on University Student Life (USL) during the 2009-2010 academic year.  The Committee met six times:  October 15, November 19, December 10, February 24, March 16, and April 12.  One of USL’s primary functions is to serve as a liaison between Senate and the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs.  Another is to raise, discuss, and act on issues of particular concern to student life.

            Throughout the year, Vice-Chancellor Renee Romano brought information to USL on new programs and student affairs issues.  USL Co-Vice Chairs Yusif Al-Rawi and Leslie Cornell reported on activities of the Student Senate.  Assistant Provost Domonic Cobb kept the committee informed on activities in the Provost’s office of interest to the committee. 

            A number of topics have been explored and addressed during the year including:




            Other potential issues that were not addressed this year but were considered important include the experiences of international students and the impact of MTD bus routes on students.

            In general, USL urges that student input be solicited through as many Senate committees as possible.  The Committee especially urges that USL be included in all Senate deliberations in which university student life is or may be affected.  This will be particularly important as campus leaders consider allocation of future budgets as well as other changes to the University.

Kent Choquette, Chair
Jessica Alkass
Yousif Al-Rawi
Leslie Cornell
Morgan Hartman
Megan Haselschwerdt
Emily Love
Amy L. MacNeill
Edelyn Verona
Kenneth T. Ballom, Ex officio
Domonic Cobb, Ex officio
Rae-Anne Montague, Ex officio
Renee Romano, Ex officio
Bradley Tran, Ex officio