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September 30, 2002


University Statutes and Senate Procedures
(Second Reading;Action)

SP.02.08 Proposed Revisions to the Statutes, Article II, Section 5 - Professional Advisory Committee


At a planning session of the UIUC Professional Advisory Committee held in September 2001, the committee voted unanimously to change the name of the group to the Council of Academic Professionals. Chancellor Cantor approved this change in December 2001. It was believed that this name more clearly describes the group represented (academic professionals) and the current function of the group. This is in the same spririt as per the UIUC Senate Council's recent request that their name be changed to the Senate Executive Committee.

As the Professional Advisory Committee is named in the Statutes, an amendment is necessary. In reviewing this matter, it was found the groups that perform the function of the Professional Advisory Committee on the UIS and UIC campuses call themselves the Academic Professional Advisory Committee (APAC). USSP recommends language which will allow each campus to name the committee which performs the statutory function of the Professional Advisory Committee to control their name, as well as their bylaws, elections, etc. as is currently allowed by Article II, Section 5 of the Statutes.


The Senate Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures recommends approval of the following revisions to the Statutes. Text to be deleted is in [square brackets] and text to be added is underscored.


At each campus, the academic professional staff whose appointments as academic professionals require at least 50 percent (50%) of full-time service shall elect a [P]professional [A]advisory [C]committee. The academic professional staff consists of those staff members on academic appointment whose positions have been designated by the president and the chancellor as meeting specialized administrative, professional, or technical needs in accordance with Article IX, Sections 3a, 3c, and 4a.

Any member of the [P]professional [A]advisory [Committee] electorate shall be eligible for membership [on the committee]. University-level administration staff shall be members of the electorate of the campus at which their principal office is located. Each chancellor (or the president in the case of a university-level administration staff) after consultation with the [Professional Advisory Committee] body may identify senior administrative officers to be excluded from the electorate.

[Committee] [b]Bylaws and articles of procedure covering such matters as name of the body, nomination and election of members and officers, size of the [committee] body, and terms of office shall be developed at each campus and after approval by the chancellor made available to the members of the electorate.

The [committee] body shall provide for the orderly voicing of suggestions for the good of the University, afford added recourse for the consideration of grievances, and furnish a channel for direct and concerted communication between the academic professional staff and the administrative officers of the University, its colleges, schools, institutes, divisions, and other administrative units on matters of interest or concern to the academic professional staff or any member of it. The [committee] body shall report to the chancellor, the president, and the academic professional staff at least once a year.

In performing its functions, the [committee] body upon the request of the chancellor, the president, or any member of the academic professional staff, or upon its own initiative shall make such investigations and hold such consultations as it may deem to be in the best interest of the University. Any member or retired member of the academic professional staff shall be entitled to a conference with the [committee] body or with any member of it on any matter properly within the purview of the [committee] body.

Joseph Finnerty, Chair
Karen Chapman-Novakofski
H. George Friedman, Jr.
Zainab Mirza
Cate Parkin
David Sisson
Charles Tabb
Robert C. Damrau, ex officio
Thomas M. Eakman, Observer
Kathleen Pecknold, ex officio (designee)