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February 12, 2001


University Statutes and Senate Procedures
(Final; Action)

SP.96.03 Formation of a New Senate Committee on Research Policy, Bylaws, Part D.18

The primary missions of the University are teaching, research, and public service. Until now the Senate has had committees that review, oversee, and recommend policy in serveral areas. Among these are educational policy and continuing education and public service. The Senate has relied on the Research Board to do the same for research policy. The General University Policy Committee and several previous Senate Review Commissions have recommended that the Senate should have its own committee on Research Policy. This Research Policy Committee would advise the Senate, the faculty, and the administration on matters of interest related to the research mission of the University. Research policy concerns the faculty, the campus and the University. Research policy is closely related to the other two missions. It is important that curricula and methods of teaching are based on the most current knowledge in a field. The importance of research to the broad view of public service is also obvious.

The Senate Committee on University Statutes and Senate Procedures recommends approval of the formation of a new Research Policy Committee and the following revisions to the Bylaws. In the amendments below, text to be added is underlined. REVISIONS TO THE BYLAWS PART D.18

18. Committee on Research Policy

(a) Duties The Committee shall advise the Senate on matters of research and represent the research interests of the faculty. These shall include external research policy for proposals authored by faculty members to outside agencies, internal research policy for the distribution of funds for research support of the faculty, and any other matters that shall be brought forward for consideration by faculty and administration. Advice on research policy shall be given to the Senate as required.

(b) Membership The Committee shall consist of: 1. Nine faculty members, with no more than one member from any one college, school, institute, division or other unit, 2. Two student members, at least one of whom is a graduate or professional student, 3. The Vice Chancellor for Research or the Vice Chancellor's designee (ex officio), 4. The Dean of the Graduate College or the Dean's designee (ex officio), 5. The Provost or the Provost's designee (ex officio), 6. A faculty member of the campus Research Board chosen by the Research Board (ex officio).

Renumber remaining sections.


Robert Fossum, Chair
Lanny Arvan
Gwendolyn Boyce
Brent Covington
Harry H. Hilton
Julian Palmore
Robert C. Damrau, Ex officio
Thomas Eakman, Observer
C.K. Gunsalus, Ex officio (designee)
Vera V. Mainz, (PAC Liaison)