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September 30, 2002

University Senates Conference
April 30, 2002

University Senates Conference (USC) met in Springfield at the Public Affairs Center with President Stukel and Vice President Gardner in the morning. UIS Provost Michael Cheney joined USC for lunch and a brief discussion of the role of USC in campus and university activities. Discussions focused on the state's budget situation and general education issues. A business meeting of USC followed these sessions.

The meeting with President Stukel and Vice President Gardner included discussion of the following topics:

- Budget situation for FY03. President Stukel indicated that the state's economy continues to be a serious issue. The state is likely to divide FY03 into two six-month budgets in order to best make timely decisions about allocations. The University may propose a multi-year tuition increase program next year, so that students and parents will be aware of anticipated increases. The use of the surcharge revenue is still under discussion due to the budget problems. Fundraising remains steady, however, and increasing the endowments is a priority for the UI Foundation. At the current time, the hospitals and clinics are doing well in terms of number of patients, but payments are lagging.

- Status of periodic review of University Officers. A process that would allow USC to comment on the annual reappointment of University Officers is underway.

- Governance plan for the Lincoln Library. According to President Stukel's most recent information, the governance of the Lincoln Library in Springfield will be assigned to a state agency or association, most likely, with the research component being assisted by UIS.

- Graduate Employee Organization at UIUC. In response to a question about the status of the GEO, President Stukel indicated that the university is coming closer to agreement with GEO regarding the eligibility categories.

- P-16 issues from VP Gardner's perspective. USC asked Vice President Gardner to address the P-16 (preschool through college) issues for the University. He indicated that he would distribute the P-16 action plan that had been developed. VP Gardner has asked for detailed proposals from each campus by early September. Mentoring for new teachers seems to be the strongest concern and UI would like to take a leadership role in this area. A database for the mentoring program is being considered to aid in the matching of novice teachers with experienced teachers. It is possible that some type of summit meeting on this topic may be held in fall 2002.

The following matters were addressed at the business meeting:

- Approval of the March 27, 2002 minutes.

- OT-188. "Interim Code of Conduct." This document was reviewed and referred to the three senates for comment.

- ST-51. Proposed amendment to Statutes regarding Faculty Advisory Committee. The proposed language was approved by all three senates and will be transmitted to President Stukel.

- OT-89. Fitness to Work. E. Kaufman volunteered to work on a draft that encompassed the language approved by the three senates.

- OT-170. Seminar on Economic Development. A Town Meeting will be held to discuss issues related to economic development, and a report will be written during the summer and submitted during the fall of 2002.

- OT-178. USC Web page. A prototype will be developed for review at the June 21 meeting.

- OT-182. USC Retreat 2001. A subcommittee will review recommendations from this retreat and prioritize them.

- OT-185. Senate Resolutions on Benefits for Domestic Partners. President Stukel plans to present this information to the Board of Trustees in July 2002.

- Discussion of future guests regarding University issues of concern.

Dates and locations of future meetings were briefly discussed.

Nancy P. O'Brien
USC Representative to UIUC Senate Executive Committee