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February 17, 2003

University Senates Conference
November 21, 2002

University Senates Conference (USC) met in Chicago at the Student Residence Hall with President Stukel and Vice President Gardner in the morning and UIC Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs Charles Rice at noon. A business meeting of USC followed.

The meeting with President Stukel and Vice President Gardner included discussion of the following topics:

- Budget issues facing the University, including the worsening of the State budget and the need for additional reallocations within the University
- Classified research policies, the rationale for leaving details to the campuses and having university-wide guidelines for matters such as ethical issues
- Status of UI-Integrate, including implementation of modules, training, and the problem of having to backfill positions in units
- The rising number of institutional support staff and reasons behind these numbers
- Update on tuition planning and institutional financial aid policies

The meeting with Vice Chancellor Rice covered the following topics:

- Changes that have taken place over the last few years in the hospital
- Major issues facing health care

The business meeting included the following:

- Approval of the October 25, 2002 minutes.
- Reports from members who serve on various committees and management teams.

- OT-195. Process of the IBHE Big Picture Meeting. USC will request that the USC chair or the chair's designee attend the IBHE Big Picture meetings as an observer.

- OT-184. Vice President-Level Reviews. Discussion of the implementation process.

- ST-47, Revisions to the Statutes - Multi-Year Contracts for Full-Time Non-Tenured Faculty. The direction may change from focusing on a limited group to applying this more broadly.

- OT-185. Benefits for Domestic Partners. There was concern that the proposed reimbursement program would not be adequate when compared to insurance coverage that is provided to married partners.

USC discussed holding its next meeting, January 22, 2003, by videoconference.

Information supplied by Connie Sailor, USC Secretary, on behalf of
Nancy P. O'Brien, USC Representative to UIUC Senate Executive Committee