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September 27, 2004

University Senates Conference

May 26, 2004

University Senates Conference (USC) met in Chicago at the Chicago Illini Union with President Stukel and Vice President Gardner in the morning. A business meeting of USC followed these sessions.

The meeting with President Stukel and Vice President Gardner included the following topics:

- Budget situation for FY05. President Stukel said that the budget is still undecided. However there will be a salary program for all employee groups.

- Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. The Vice President reported that

universities nationally are concerned about language in the proposed Act that would be very intrusive to the academic policy of institutions. Discussions are ongoing with legislators about these concerns

- International scholars and visas. There is concern about the added time it now takes to process visas for visiting scholars and international students due to security issues. A group of scholarly organizations are proposing alternative procedures that still are sensitive to homeland security concerns.

The business meeting addressed the following matters:

- Approval of the April 28, 2004 minutes.

- Presidential Search process. A white paper on guidelines for the search has been prepared by the search committee and will be presented to the Board of Trustees in June.

- OT-193. Interim Information Security Policy. This policy was passed by all three campuses and will be forwarded to President Stukel for Board review. A concern was raised regarding privacy of employee email and whether employees are informed when their email is viewed. Further information about email policies at each campus will be gathered for discussion at the next meeting.

- Discussion of future guests regarding University issues of concern.

Nancy P. O'Brien (information supplied by USC Secretary Connie Sailor)

USC Representative to UIUC Senate Executive Committee