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September 14, 1998
(revised 9/4/98)


XTI.99.01 Report of the Tenure Issues Committee
Web Site:

I. Background

Last Year Senate Council appointed an ad hoc Tenure Issues to lead the Senate's efforts to address a number of special, tenure-related issues including the question of adopting some form of Post-tenure Review process at UIUC beyond the current system of Annual Reviews. This year the committee hopes that the Senate, building on work done last year, will reach closure on the Post-tenure Review question and perhaps move forward on other tenure-related issues. This information report is intended to provide Senators with a summary of work done last year, to report on comments received, and to sketch some of the work to be done this year.

II. Accomplishments Last Year:

The Tenure Issues Committee . . .

III. Summary of Comments Received

The first report of the Tenure Issues Committee was (and remains) available at:
and "A Draft Post-tenure Review Process" (prepared by a predecessor Senates Conference Sub-committee) is also available at

Comments on these documents were invited last year and the committee was pleased to receive a number of thoughtful comments, not only from individual faculty and administrators, but also from faculty representing groups such as College Executive Committees and Faculty Advisory Committees.

The comments are still being analyzed, but several themes can be reported in this information report:

The committee wishes to thank members of the Senate who participated in the Committee of the Whole discussions (see Senate minutes of 3/30/98 and 4/18/98) and the following members of the UIUC academic community who submitted comments to the committee:

Marie Banich (Psychology)
Howard Berenbaum (Psychology)
Paul Bohn (Head, Department of Chemistry)
Bruce Chassy (Head, Food Science & Human Nutrition)
John Cheeseman (Head
Plant Biology)
Jimmy H. Clark (Animal Sciences) James Cordova (Psychology)
Manny Donchin (Psychology)
Fritz Drasgow (Psychology)
Wanda Haschek (Head
Veterinary Pathobiology)
Robert Hauser (Head
Agricultural and Consumer Economics)
John Katzenellenbogen (Chemistry)
John F. Lalande II (Germanic Languages & Literatures)
Harry Liebersohn (History)
Gregory A. Miller (Psychology)
Armine K. Mortimer(French)
Nancy O'Brien (Head
Education and Social Science Library)
Eric Oldfield (Chemistry & Biophysics)
Ronald J. Peters (Chair
UIUC Faculty Advisory Committee)
Nona Prestine (for the Merit Review Committee of the College of Education)
James Robinson (Animal Sciences)
Ian Robinson (Physics)
Walter Robinson (Atmospheric Sciences)
Sonya Salamon (ACES Executive Committee)
W.R. Schowalter (Dean
College of Engineering)
Wesley Seitz (Associate Dean
Graduate College)
Janet Smarr (Critical & Inter.Theory)
Donald Talleur (Institute of Aviation Advisory Committee)
Charles Tucker (Engineering)
Lila Vodkin (Crop Sciences)
John Walker (Vice Chair
College of Engineering Executive Committee)
Bob Wengert (Chair
Department of Philosophy)
Carroll Goering (Ag Engineering)
David Gross (Vet. Biosciences)
Michael Grossman (Animal Sciences)
Len Heumann (Urban & Regional Planning)
Jim McGlathery (German)
C. A. Rabeiz (Plant Pathology)
Alex Scheeline (Chemistry)
Helaine Silverman (Anthropology).

IV. Next steps for the Tenure Issues Committee

Respectfully submitted by the chair on behalf of the committee,

Geneva Belford
Renee Clift
Elizabeth Delacruz
Matt Finkin
Fred Giertz
Michael Grossman
Ward Henson
Keith Hjelmstad
Carl Jones
Susan Larson (new member)
Edward Shoben
Ron Sousa
Don Uchtmann, Chair