University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Senate

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Urbana-Champaign Senate
September 10, 2012
3:10 pm
3rd Floor - Levis Faculty Center

I.   Call to Order—Chancellor Phyllis Wise
II.   Approval of MinutesApril 23, 2012 and April 30, 2012
III.   Senate Executive Committee Report—Matthew Wheeler
IV.   Presenatations
    Coursera—Nicholas Burbules and Deanna Raineri
    US Ignite—Jon Gant
V.    Chancellor’s Remarks—Phyllis Wise
VI.   Questions/Discussion
VII.   Consent Agenda
  If a senator wishes to move an item to Proposals for Action and have copies at the meeting, he/she must notify the Senate Office two business days in advance.  At the meeting, any senator can request that an item be moved from the Consent Agenda.
  EP.13.02 Proposal to terminate the Master of Science in General Engineering, in the Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering, College of Engineering

Educational Policy
(G. Miller, Chair)

VIII.   Proposals for Action
  CC.13.03 Nominations for Membership on Standing Committees of the Senate

Committee on Committees

  GP.12.05 Transfer the Beckman Institute from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

General University Policy
(N. Burbules, Chair)

  GP.12.10 Policy Governing Electronic Surveys and Questionnaires

General University Policy
(N. Burbules, Chair)

  GP.12.11 Proposal to Temporarily Establish the Center for Digital Inclusion 

General University Policy
(N. Burbules, Chair)

IX.   Proposed Revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws
(First Reading; Information)
  SP.12.06 Revisions to the Constitution and the Bylaws Regarding Conduct of Senate Meetings and Formulation of Meeting Agendas

University Statues and Senate Procedures
(W. Maher, Chair)

X.   Reports for Information

FAC/IBHE Report – May 18, 2012

A.  Aminmansour

FAC/IBHE Report–June 15, 2012

A.  Aminmansour

Results of the Election of Student Members of the Committee on Committees

Senate Executive Committee

BOT Observer Report – July 19, 2012

J. Tolliver

SEC Statement on Faculty Representation and Shared Governance

Senate Executive Committee

BOT Observer Report – May 31, 2012

A.  Aminmansour

SURSMAC – May 8, 2012

K. E. Andersen
H. F. Williamson

USC Report – August 23, 2012

J. Tolliver
XI.   New Business
XII.   Adjournment



Please step to the microphone and identify yourself
when you address the Senate.


To print a Senate Packet, click here.
(Does not include Consent Agenda items)