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Committee on Faculty Benefits
FB.04.04 Annual Report for 2003-04
(Final - Information)
Committee Charge

The Senate Committee on Faculty Benefits (FB) shall investigate and regularly report to the Senate on the adequacy and other attributes of the University’s provisions for salaries, retirement benefits, sabbatical leaves, hospitalization and medical insurance, life insurance, other insurance, investment and savings plans, travel reimbursement, housing benefits, educational benefits, recreational benefits, and other perquisites, benefits and conditions of faculty employment.

This past year, FB took up a variety of issues including campus parking, mental health services, increases in co-pay costs, unused sick leave, dependent certification, same-sex partner benefits, retiree benefits, hearing exams, enhanced vision programs, less than full-time spouse coverage, benefits for extension service employees, and the CIC benefits survey. Resolutions on Benefits (FB.04.01), Sick Leave (FB.04.02), and Parking (FB.04.03) were filed with the Senate.
Items that are under continuing consideration:

FB.02.02 Campus Parking
FB has undertaken an examination of current and future planned campus parking policies under its purview of benefits or lack thereof. In particular, it has had lengthy discussions on the following:

1.Discussion with UIUC parking officials regarding current and future status of campus parking facilities and fee structures.
2. Monitoring developments regarding parking changes, such as proximity parking.
3.Submission of a parking resolution for the April 26, 2004 Senate meeting (FB.04.03).
FB will continue monitoring the parking situation and report to the Senate as needed.

FB.04.05 Mental Health Services
FB noted concern with the decrease in providers of mental health care especially for those with PersonalCare coverage since there are no longer as many providers available locally. FB also noted the need for Central Management Services (CMS) to negotiate better contracts and monitor mental health and substance abuse services provided by HMOs and the state health plan to insure that an adequate number of providers are available to employees.
Items that are being monitored by the committee:

FB.96.02 Child Care
FB.98.02 Privacy of Social Security Numbers
FB.99.01 Voluntary Tax Sheltered Matching Contribution Plan
FB.01.04 Dental Plan
FB.01.05 Health Coverage for Contraception

FB.03.02 Resolution on Benefits

Faculty Benefits
Norm Denzin, Chair
Jenny Barrett
Susan Cole
Harry Hilton
Alfred Kagan
Kazimierz Machala

James Davito, Ex officio
Anne Jennings, Ex officio (designee)
Terry Jobin, Observer
Mary Ellen O’Shaughnessey, Ex officio
Ronald Peters, Ex officio
Judy Rathgeber, Ex officio (designee)
Wesley Seitz, Ex officio