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March 19, 2001


Committee on the Library

LB.01.01 Resolution on the Library Budget for FY02


Report to the UIUC Senate from the Committee on the Library (SCL) concerning the FY01 Library Budget

The SCL is pleased with changes that the library has made in the process by which the budget is developed. These changes make the process more open and participatory. The SCL itself has actively participated in the development of the materials budget for FY02 and will be periodically reviewing the development of the personnel and operations budgets for FY03. We are continuing to monitor the strategic planning in the library, which is forming much of the basis for budget development. And we are getting regular reports on the activities of the Library Acquisitions Steering Committee.

The Library budget for FY01 offers some improvement over budgets for past years; during the past few decades the Library budgets were not sufficient to offset rising costs of operations and acquisitions, leading to a major decrease in materials acquisitions. The total budget for FY01 is $27,496,110 (including $500,000 in temporary dollars). This is an increase of about 9% over the FY00 Library budget and makes permanent much of the temporary money allocated in FY00. However, this budget does not move the Library very far towards the budget level of $45,000,000 which the Senate recommended for the Library by FY04 (in LB.99.02), and the budget is not likely to provide major improvements in the Library support to the campus or in the Library's national ranking.

The SCL remains strong in its support of the Library and in its conviction that the Library requires considerably more money than currently allocated to provide the level of support that the University requires and deserves.


Whereas the increase in the state budget requested by the Library for FY02 is $4.5M over FY01 for an anticipated total budget of $36.9M,

Whereas the Senate Resolution on the Library (LB.00.02) recommended a total budget of $45M in FY04, requiring budget increases of approximately $4.5M per year, in order that the Library regain its earlier level of quality in collections and provide the necessary and appropriate service to the campus,

Whereas the Senate Committee on the Library has examined the Library's proposed budget for FY02 and believes it to be commendable in its vision and a reasonable move towards the goals just stated,

Be it resolved that the Senate supports the requested budget for the Library for FY02.

Respectfully submitted,

Senate Committee on the Library
Leslie Struble, Chair
Christopher Degner
Michael Murphy
Meredith Blumthal
Lyle Fettig
F. Adele Proctor
John Conley
Paula Kaufman (ex officio)
Peter W. Sauer
Kenneth Cuno
Tony Kaufman
Christopher Silver